Important note: The ability to (a) earn approximately $1,000 in extra income per week or much more, (b) earn approximately $50,000 per year or multiples thereof, (c) achieve annual average returns that are hundreds of times better than bank CDs, and (d) do so with a nearly 99% success rate, is based on two testing periods: (1) Three and a half years of testing from 1/15/2016 to 7/19/2019 using the Weiss Stock Ratings model, as well as the Weiss Options Model to analyze thousands of stocks and hundreds of thousands of options, assuming a hypothetical investor uses two times minimum required margin (or only half of maximum leverage), and (2) approx. 11 months of real-time trading recommendations published in the Weekend Windfall service from 01/24/2020 to 12/18/2020.

To effectively take advantage of the service, investors should be prepared to fund their account with at least $25,000. Due to our selection process and the nature of put selling, we believe this strategy is relatively conservative compared to speculative strategies, such as the purchase of options, futures contracts and volatile investments. Thus, we believe the use of a margin account with a moderate amount of leverage is more appropriate than it would be with those other strategies. If less or no leverage is used, either the investor would need to put up larger sums, or the weekly payouts would be smaller. No investment strategy can be risk free, and unexpected sharp declines in financial markets, such as occurred during the Covid-19 crisis of March and April of 2020, can adversely affect performance.

Although past experience or testing is no guarantee of future performance, we believe these results provide an accurate representation of what is possible. Trading tactics that can further enhance the income and capital preservation of the strategy were not included in the test period but are included in the Weekend Windfalls service. For more information, see Terms and Conditions