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Dear Subscriber,

Hello and welcome to my home here in Florida!

I’m Martin Weiss, founder of Weiss Ratings, and I’m reaching out to you today for one simple reason: America is at a crossroads, a pivotal point in time that will determine your financial future for years to come.

I understand how all the crazy things happening in the world today — the pandemic, the economy, the political chaos — are causing a lot of confusion and fear, and for good reason. This IS a real crisis.

And precisely because it’s real, this is the time for you to step away from all the noise outside, take a deep breath and just focus on what YOU have to do to safely build your wealth. That’s what we’ll do here today.

In fact, today, I will not only show you how you can protect your money. I will show you how you can instantly earn $1,000 in EXTRA income nearly every Friday for the rest of your life.

With a 99% success rate.

With very little effort.

And in almost any kind of economic environment, good or bad.

But first, I want you to better understand why earning this extra income is not only a BENEFIT in today’s crazy times, it’s an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY.

You see, more so than ever before, our world is vulnerable to unpredictable forces that are beyond our control —

Like the black swan that attacked the very heart of our NATION on 9-11 with great loss of life and treasure, setting off a chain reaction of events that have continued to ricochet through time: The US invasion of Iraq, the fall of Saddam Hussein, the rise of Al Qaeda, the global spread of the Islamic state and THEN billions of dollars in new money printing by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Like the black swan that attacked the very heart of our ECONOMY. It wasn’t September 11th, 2001. It was September 15th, 2008, the Lehman Brothers failure — again, setting off a chain reaction of events that have continued to ricochet through time. America’s deepest recession since the 1930s, America’s largest bank failures and bailouts of all time and THEN a massive wave of central bank money printing that was many times larger than anything we’d ever seen before.

And ... like the black swan VIRUS that has suddenly burst onto the scene, spread rapidly around the globe and mutated into an even more contagious strain ... transforming our cities into ghost towns, plunging financial markets into a tailspin, prompting governments to lurch from inaction to reaction and THEN ... driving the Fed to unleash a tsunami of money printing that makes all prior money-printing binges look tiny by comparison.

Each of these events has been a step towards decimating your personal finances in one specific way: Sinking interest rates, sinking YIELD on your money, and sinking INCOME overall.

Why? Just look at what happened: In response to the first black swan, the 9-11 attacks, Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan drove the Fed’s key interest rates down to one percent, gutting the yield of income investors.

In response to the second black swan, the next Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, drove rates down to zero, WIPING OUT the yield of income investors.

And now, in response to the THIRD black swan, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has not only slammed interest rates down to zero, he has vowed to KEEP them at zero through the year 2023, nearly OBLITERATING your income today and for YEARS TO COME.

So why is all this happening? And why is the Fed printing so much money with such wild abandon? I can assure you, the Fed is not printing money because of the black swans themselves.

They’re not doing it because of terrorist attacks, random financial failures, or pandemics. These are just trigger events, EXCUSES that the Fed uses to JUSTIFY its wild money-printing binges and escapades.

What’s really driving the Fed is three megatrends that have transformed our nation, that have made us so VULNERABLE to black swan events.

As you’ll see in a moment, these three megatrends are not unfamiliar to you. You see and feel them every day in your daily life. What you may not realize is how EXTREME they are, how they feed on each other, how they truly threaten your future and mine.

We’re so vulnerable to black swans because of extreme megatrend number one: DEBT, especially federal debt held by the public.

This debt story begins one hundred years ago, during World War I and during the pandemic of 1918.

The public debt surges to 33 point four percent of GDP, temporarily paralyzing the U.S. government and the economy.

Then, during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the public debt surges to 43 point five percent of GDP, crippling the government’s ability to rescue the economy.

The greatest public debt in American history comes immediately after World War II, when it hits 106% of GDP. But that’s almost entirely caused by the war effort and just as soon as the war is over, the bulk of the problem goes away.

But today, if you include all government debts and obligations, the debt problem is far larger than it was in World War II and it’s NOT going away.

According to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, the public debt in America is headed to 200% of GDP or DOUBLE the worst level of World War II.

The Fed knows how dangerous this debt is. The Fed knows how it makes us so vulnerable to black swans. So to finance it and to sweep it under the rug — the Fed prints more and more money.

We’re also vulnerable to black swans because of extreme megatrend #2. Concentration of wealth.

Not just the rich squeezing out the poor. Not just America’s millionaires squeezing out the middle class. But also America’s billionaires squeezing out America’s millionaires.

This story also starts one hundred years ago, and we can see it most clearly with the top 0.01%, the richest one in ten thousand American households.

In the 1920s, their share of the nation’s wealth rises to 5% to 6%, to 8%, and then to a peak of 10% in 1929.

The trend is reversed with the great crash, which wipes out the fortunes of the super-rich ... and then with the Great Depression, which drives their business enterprises into the gutter.

Fast forward to 1978. That’s when the concentration of wealth in America reaches an all-time low, and that’s also when it begins to rise again  ...

To extremes never before seen in American history.

The end result is the great social and cultural divide we have today, with all its powerful emotions, pride and shame, greed and envy, fear and anger, all ingredients for more black swan events of the social kind — mass protests, riots, or worse.

We are also vulnerable to black swan events because of extreme megatrend #3, the political division and dysfunction in America.

This red line is a measure of political division and dysfunction based on an exhaustive study of voting patterns in the U.S. Congress. It moves up and down in tandem with wealth concentration.

When this red line is low, it means that Republicans and Democrats in Congress are crossing party lines and drafting legislation together, based on the issues.

When the red line is high, it means that they’re voting strictly along party lines, throwing bricks at each other or worse.

And now the political division and dysfunction in America is THE most extreme in the history of our country.

The Fed knows that these three extreme megatrends make our nation vulnerable to black swan events.

It knows that with our nation so burdened with debt, with our society so split, and our government so gridlocked, it’s the only power left standing.

What the Fed does NOT seem to know is that, in the end, it’s actually making these megatrends even MORE extreme.

Every time the Fed injects this funny money, most of the money flows to the elites. It creates a bigger and bigger social divide between the halves and the halve-nots. It creates an even bigger POLITICAL divide between the left and the right.

And all of these extreme trends impact you in two ways:

First, they create the probability of greater and greater investment risks. The risk that at almost any time, the next black swan could strike ... and gut your principal.

Second, they create the CERTAINTY that your investment income will continue to go down. They virtually GUARANTEE that now — and for years to come — the Fed, in its infinite “wisdom” will wipe out the yield you can safely make to earn a decent income on your savings.

Ridiculously high risks ... AND ... ridiculously low yields at the SAME time. A dilemma like none other in our lifetime.

How do you overcome this dilemma? To answer that question, let’s set aside all the bad news and spend the rest of our time together focusing on some good news.

If you're interested in collecting about $1,000 in extra income every week from now on, there is a very straightforward way to do that and more.

Pay close attention because I think you're going to like what you're about to discover.

Right now, I'm going to show you a completely new way to pull income from the market — on demand.

Once you learn how to do it, you can legally collect about $1,000 nearly every Friday, instantly, for the rest of your life.

In these crazy times, you NEED extra income like that. You need to build an extra cushion of cash to fall back on.

No more waiting for dividends that might never come. No more parking your cash in bonds and getting paid LESS than inflation for taking that risk. No more being held hostage by the banks with their ridiculously low yields and long lockup times.

And no more being reliant on the market’s direction to ensure your future income.

As you’ll see today, if you want to do that starting right now, you can just log onto your online brokerage account, click a few buttons, and collect a new windfall every week — from the privacy of your living room.

Once you know the secret I'll show you today, you'll see how to direct these pay-outs into your account with a success rate of over 99%. That means you could add an extra $50,000 or so to your account over the next 12 months alone, again, with a higher degree of safety than ever before possible.

$50,000 is more than the median wage of the average American. Or you could make several times that amount.

And you’d never have to pay it back.

I know this may sound a little hard to believe.

But I want to SHOW you how easy it can be to collect your first windfall on Friday.

So, we assembled a group of beta testers. We looked for investors with a wide range of experience, from beginner to more advanced.

The goal: To see if they could use our new “retirement income breakthrough” to collect $1,000 their first time out. Now keep in mind, none of our beta testers had ever tried this before.

So, were they able to pocket the cash in less than 30 seconds each?

And how could you collect your first windfall in time for your next weekend getaway?

Like Your Own Personal ATM

That's exactly what you'll discover in today’s session. Once you know the secret to exploiting this anomaly, it's almost like collecting money from your own personal ATM machine.

Except, instead of withdrawing funds from your bank account, you're effectively pulling money out of Wall Street's computerized brokerage system.

This is cash that would otherwise go to some big Wall Street firm or plugged-in hedge fund. But it could just as easily be redirected into your account nearly every Friday morning.

Don’t worry. It’s perfectly legal, easy, and fast.

Is it 100% foolproof? No, of course not. All investing involves some risk. But it's pretty darn close.

If you had followed our strategy for the past four years, you could have pulled down the instant income 100% of the time.

And 99% of the time, you could have kept every cent, with no further obligation.

No wonder our Weiss Ratings team has spent many months researching this opportunity!

Weiss Ratings, as you may know, is the world's leading provider of independent investment ratings. Unlike Moody's, Standard & Poor’s, or Fitch, we never accept any compensation whatsoever from the companies we rate, whether directly or indirectly.

Weiss Ratings is 100% independent with no conflicts of interest. That’s the main reason the The Wall Street Journal reported that investors following the Weiss Stock Ratings could have made more money than investors who followed every other research firm they reviewed.

That was also the conclusion of the nonpartisan auditing arm of the U.S. Congress.

I’m talking about the GAO, the Government Accountability Office. The GAO found that, in another financial sector, Weiss Ratings beat its closest competitor by three to one in accuracy.

And recently, thanks to the tried-and-tested accuracy of our Weiss Ratings, our team has developed a money-making strategy that could change the way you think about money forever.

After $3.2 Million In Research Costs …
Our Biggest Income Breakthrough EVER

We sunk more than $3.2 million into data costs alone.

We amassed a database of case studies totaling 1.94 billion data points.

And we ran more than 70,237 computer-processing hours of beta testing.

The result is a 99% effective system for pocketing these Weekend Windfalls almost every Friday from now on.

So how does this work, and can you really do it too starting this Friday?

To show you how easy this can be, I’ve asked our publisher, Jay Livingston, to introduce you to our beta-testers.

Martin: Are you there Jay? Are you ready?

Yes! We’re all set.

Martin: Great! Please go ahead.

Jay: OK Martin. Let me introduce you to our first beta-tester.

Jay: Let's meet our first beta-tester now.

Rachel A. works here at our headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens. Other than buying mutual funds for her 401 , she has little investing experience. Nor had Rachel heard of this opportunity before I introduced it to her earlier this week.

So, could she pull down about $1,000 on her very first time out? Let's take a look now. Meet Weekend Windfall Beta Tester number one, Rachel A.

Meet Weekend Windfall Beta Tester #1: Rachel A.

Jay: Hey there! Welcome! You ready to make some money?

Rachel: Hey! Yeah, I'm a little nervous, but let's do it.

Jay: Okay, no need to be nervous. You're about to discover just how easy this can be, all right? So just to be clear for our viewer, can you just tell us a bit about your investing experience?

Rachel: That will be easy. Not much! This is my first time doing anything like this.

Jay: Okay, that's actually perfect. So you know we're about to pull some cash from the market instantly, right? But you don't know how we're going to do it, correct?

Rachel: Correct, all I know is what you told me yesterday — that on this first trial, we're going to be using your brokerage account and we're only going to be doing a small amount, as a kind of trial.

Jay: Yes, that takes a little of the pressure off. But do remember, this is a conservative strategy to begin with.

Rachel: Yeah, I get that.

Jay: Now I have my account open. But I haven't done anything yet. So, what I'm going to ask you to do in a second is collect your weekend windfall live on camera right now. Are you ready?

Rachel: Let's do it.

Jay: Okay, let's give it a try. I'm gonna start the timer, and we're gonna see if we can do this in under 30 seconds, okay?

Rachel: Okay.

Jay: You can drive … and hit that button until it reads "two" there.

Rachel: All right.

Jay: Perfect. Go ahead and hit the green button there. What do you see there?

Rachel: Four hundred and eighty-nine dollars! $489.

Jay: That's right, yep. The best part — if that cash didn't go into my account, it was destined for the coffers of some Wall Street brokerage firm anyway. So you just legally intercepted your first weekend windfall. Congrats!

Rachel: So, is this money in your account now?

Jay: Yeah, it's in there right now. There's a small chance this trade won't be successful. I won't know for sure until about a month from now. But I promised you I'd give you the money, and here it is. Have a great weekend!

Rachel: Thanks, Jay, I'll be booking that spa weekend now!

Get Started with an Online Brokerage Account Plus about 30 Seconds
Each Friday Morning to Collect Your
Money for the Weekends

Martin: Pretty incredible, isn't it? A first-time investor pulling down that much cash instantly, her very first time out? When was the last time you were able to pocket instant cash like that?

Well, going forward, you could do it almost every Friday morning before noon. I'm assuming you know more about investing than Rachel does. So, your goal could easily be a weekly payout of $1,000 or even multiples of $1,000.

But my point is, you don't have to jump through hoops to do this.

All you need is a brokerage account that's set up to collect these windfalls.

And if you've bought ETFs or stocks online, then it should be very easy first time out.

In some ways, it's actually more conservative than buying stocks. I'll explain exactly why in a moment.

The key now is that once you're up and running, collecting these instant cash pay-outs is not difficult.

Whether you're an experienced trader looking to add some high-odds income to the mix or simply a conservative long-term investor, you can start pulling down an extra $500, $1,000, or even more nearly every week, without doing anything that's riskier than buying solid blue-chip stocks.

If you have a few minutes to spare, you can pull cash out of the market nearly every Friday for years to come. Again, redirecting these windfalls into your account is not difficult. But what about more experienced investors? Here’s Jay with our second case study for the answer.

Meet Weekend Windfall Beta Tester #2: Jeff R.

Jay: All right, I’ve got Jeff here with me. Welcome, Jeff!

Jay: Thank you for being a guinea pig today for us. But I think you're going to like what we're about to try here.

Jeff: I'm a very skeptical person by nature. So you're gonna have to sell me on this.

Jay: I know, I know. Can you tell our audience what your position here at Weiss.

Jeff: I'm the CFO, the Chief Financial Officer. So I'm responsible for all financial matters for the company. And I also am the CSO, the chief skeptical officer.

Jay: Ha-ha. Good, that's what makes you perfect. What kind of investor are you?

Jeff: I would describe myself as moderately experienced. I am very comfortable trading stocks and ETFs online.

Jay: So I've given you what? Ten seconds of coaching? Are you ready to go ahead and see if you can pull down a weekly windfall your first time out?

Jeff: I'm ready to go. Let's do it!

Jay: So we're in your account, and you're familiar obviously with this interface. It's all set up. Now, where it says 10?

Jeff: Yes.

Jay: Hold on for a second. I'm gonna start the clock. We got 30 seconds to do this.

Jeff: Oh, I didn't realize it was a timed affair.

Jay: Go ahead and hit that until it goes — till you see a "two" there.

Jeff: Okay, now over here, hit that green button.

Jeff: Yes. Okay, I see $1,105.

Jay: Right, and you can probably guess what that is, right?

Jeff: That would be my weekend windfall?

Jay: That's it. That's the cash.

Jeff: So the money's in my account. Can I spend it right away?

Jay: Yes, you actually can spend it right away. But we don't recommend doing that. It's more prudent to leave the money in the account for a little while, because there's one more part of this trade that we haven't talked about yet. But basically, yes, the money is in your account. And it's yours to keep.

There’s Never Been an Easier Way
to Make All the Income You Need
— WHEN You Need It.

Martin: Very interesting and very easy, right?

So you may be asking: If it's THAT easy, how come everybody doesn't do it?

The answer is simple: Wall Street doesn't want you to do it. In fact, your broker probably isn't supposed to tell you about it.

Because his firm is probably making a lot of money from a similar strategy all the time, and they don't want the competition from average investors like me and you.

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, and almost every major firm on Wall Street is doing it. And they're making billions of dollars.

So how did they book all these billions? And how can you intercept some of this money legally, nearly every Friday before noon?

It comes back to the anomaly and the most powerful income secret we've discovered in our 50-year history. So let's take a closer look now.

What Exactly IS the
Weekend Windfall Anomaly?

The anomaly occurs in one corner of the market. I'm talking about the market for stock options.

I know what you might be thinking: "Options are speculative," and you'd be right if you were talking about BUYING options.

According to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, on average, option buyers — especially those that don’t use good tools like the Weiss Stock Ratings, lose 82% of the time.

But in this strategy, we take the OTHER side of the transaction.

Instead of buying options, we SELL options. That simple step alone gives us the opportunity for winning odds STARTING at 82%.

To better understand how this works, I’ve asked Jay to give it a whirl with our third beta tester, Merle B.

Let’s see what happened.

Meet Weekend Windfall Beta Tester #3: Merle B.

Jay: Glad you could join us here, Merle. Tell us: What is your main investment goal?

Merle: I have been just doing some real-estate investing and I've done things in the past with stocks but not made much money on it. What I need is some more income. I've been getting into CDs, but what I'm getting there is ridiculous.

Jay: Low single digits.

Merle: Yeah. I own some stocks paying pretty good dividends, but “pretty good” is still crappy these days and not nearly enough to hit my needs.

Jay: Do you have any options experience at all?

Merle: The only time I've messed with options was buying puts and calls, and as I recall, I lost money almost every time. It was ugly enough I decided not to do it. Not for me anymore.

Jay: That is the entire idea behind the Weekend Windfalls. You lost money over 80% of the time, right? When you were BUYING!

Merle: At least.

Jay: So, think about the other side of the trade — the guy that sold you those options. What do you think happened to the money that you gave him?

Merle: Somebody's making money, and it wasn't me.

Jay: So in this case, instead of THEM selling the put options and getting that cash, you're about to do the exact same thing. You're gonna sell a put option, and the cash is gonna hit your account instantly.

Merle: Hallelujah!

Jay: Everybody has seen how much coaching you've received, and now we'll let you drive. See that number right there?

Merle: Yeah.

Jay: Go ahead and just pick however many put options you want to sell.

Merle: Done.

Jay: That's kind of a lot. Are you okay with that?

Merle: I can afford it. Let's go.

Jay: Hit the green button and let's see.

Merle $1,950!

Jay: Do you know what that is?

Merle: Wow! It says I just got a $1,950 credit in my account. Did I do something wrong?

Jay: You mean because you almost doubled the $1,000?

Merle: Yeah, because this is the first time I made money on that.

Jay: I would say you did something right, actually. But the thing is, you can make as much or as little as you want. That's actually a neat part of this strategy. If you need more income, there's a way to do it: You sell more puts.

And remember: It's a 99.7% success rate here. So imagine doing this every Friday morning and how much money you could make over a typical year.

Merle: I love this, but all I have is a standard brokerage account. Is that gonna be enough?

Jay: We recommend that people have margin to do this, so you don't have to use your own cash in your account and tie all that up.

Merle: Actually, this looks like a pretty conservative strategy. I didn't realize I can make instant money like this. This is gonna pay for my retirement.

Jay: And it's less risky than even investing in a regular stock, believe it or not. It's actually safer in a lot of ways.

Three HUGE Advantages You Get When
You Collect These Weekend Windfalls

Martin: Now it’s really starting to get interesting. Jay showed us three great examples.

First, we saw Rachel, who's a beginner and collected about $500.

Next, we saw Jeff who has some experience, and he collected right around $1,000.

And our last one was Merle. Merle collected almost $2,000.

So, why does the weekend windfall strategy work so well for investors like you and me?

It's because it gives you three advantages right off the bat.

The first advantage is that you're not taking the side of the speculator. You're taking the side of the house. So for starters, instead of four-to-one odds against you, you have four-to-one odds in your favor.

The second thing in your favor is that selling puts on a stock is like selling a special kind of insurance. Let's call it "crash insurance." And guess what!?

Wall Street usually overcharges for that crash insurance. That's the anomaly in the market!

Because of this anomaly, most investors usually pay too much for that crash insurance. But you're not buying; you're selling. So you're collecting too much money, which is a good problem to have, right?

That means you're going to collect MORE money on each trade.

The third advantage — and this is a big one — is our secret weapon, the Weiss Stock Ratings.

Here's why: When you sell a put option on a stock, you make money if the stock goes up. You make money if it drifts sideways. And you can even make money if it goes down moderately.

So you want to always sell puts on the highest-quality stocks you can find.

And that's why our strategy uses the Weiss Stock Ratings.

Our stock ratings have an unbeatable track record in picking the highest-quality stocks.

Result: You improve your odds of winning from 82% to 99.7%.

Collecting Instant Cash
In Three Simple Steps

Here's how that works: When we deploy our strategy in real time, we follow three simple steps.

Step number one: Every Thursday evening, after the markets close, we use the power of our $3-million Weiss Ratings database to scan more than 11,000 stocks and to help pick THE strongest stocks on the market.

Step number two: We pinpoint the one best put option to sell on that stock in order to collect the biggest weekend windfall we can.

Step number three: We monitor the option until it expires worthless, typically about 30 days later. That's it! Not bad, right?

So what's the downside? In a tiny percentage of cases, the option does not expire worthless. When that happens, we buy 100 shares of the underlying stock for each option sold.

Is that a big problem? No, because keep in mind, this is a stock we rated as one of the best out of 11,000 on the market.

So what's the consequence if it doesn't work out? You get to own shares of a stock we absolutely love, and you get to buy them at a better price.

We're talking about quality dividend-paying blue chips, poised to generate income for months or years to come.

In some cases we'll see fat capital gains, too.

“One of the Greatest Strategies in Existence”

And that's why a report on says that "selling puts could be a way to increase your income by hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month."

According to a report on CNBC, "it can be a good strategy in volatile, choppy markets."

Barron's says that it's "one of the greatest strategies in existence."

And by the way, Barron's also once published this big headline: "Weiss is the leader in identifying vulnerable companies."

In other words, we know how to avoid the companies that get into trouble and go down. And that's the key to boosting your odds of winning from 82% to 99.7%.

Even Warren Buffett takes advantage of a strategy like this. He's collected billions of dollars with it.

Now, you can start collecting your own Weekend Windfalls nearly every Friday morning.

How YOU Can Start Pocketing Weekend
Windfalls as Soon as Next Friday …

How? Well, I have some big, big news. We recently launched a new trading service dedicated solely to this unique strategy. We're calling it Weekend Windfalls.

It's our Weekend Windfall strategy delivered to you on a silver platter each Friday morning with everything you need to collect the same kind of payouts that our beta testers collected.

For example, let's go back to Friday, September 6, 2019. For most investors that was pretty much just another day in the markets, if there is such a thing, right?

But our Weiss Ratings model pinpointed a company called Amgen. It's a big pharma rock star just bursting with cash.

As usual, there was an anomaly in the pricing of Amgen put options. And again, that just means the puts were grossly overpriced. We saw a very tidy $1,380 windfall on Amgen, which we pocketed right away and we never had to pay back.

Now, imagine what it would be like to pull down an extra $1,380 this coming Friday, and then doing something similar next Friday, the Friday after that, and on and on.

Because this is just the beginning of what our Weekend Windfall system has shown us. Here are a few examples of actual real-time trading recommendations we’ve made very recently … $1,020 from Citigroup

And guess what! These were in weeks when the market was going up and in weeks when the market was going down.

That short list includes just 8 trades, and with those trades, you could have collected a total of $11,905.

And, if you wanted to get more aggressive, you could have doubled or even tripled that amount.

Not bad, right?

Now, the total amount of time it could have taken you to enter the orders for these trades? Less than six minutes combined.

Plus our testing period goes back over three years. And it includes well over 150 weekend windfalls, all capable of delivering hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars instantly.

Had you followed along, you could have already collected $434,990 from just three-plus years of windfalls.

But what I love most is the consistency. You don't have to buy and hope you eventually get paid. Instead, you get paid instantly up front 100% of the time.

That makes Weekend Windfalls the most conservative trading service we have ever launched.

And that makes one guy the ideal person to spearhead this new project. His name is Mike Larson.

Meet Mike Larson — America’s #1 “Safe Money” Expert and Leader of Our Biggest Income Breakthrough in FOUR Decades

Mike is America's number one safe money expert, and he's the leader of our biggest income breakthrough in 48 years.

In terms of safe money investors, Mike truly stands alone.

Throughout my many years in finance, I've had the privilege of working with some of the best investment minds in America.

Investment advisors like my own father, Irving Weiss, who made a fortune in the great bear market of the early 1930s and then did it again in the bull markets that followed.

Traders like my dear friend Larry Edelson, who predicted almost every major move in gold and silver since the 1970s.

But when it comes to safe money investing in today’s market, I’ve never met anyone better than Mike Larson.

Mike is a former analyst with and a former researcher at Bloomberg.

And for over a decade, he's been the editor of our Safe Money Report, carrying on a tradition of safety that the Weiss Family began back in 1928, more than 90 years ago.

Mike has appeared frequently on CNBC, CNN, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV.

Or perhaps you've seen his financial analysis in The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, the Associated Press, Reuters or CNN Money.

If so, you probably know Mike hates taking unreasonable risks, and he hates losing money in any amount.

What he loves is high income with the lowest possible risk. And that makes Mike the ideal person to head our service, Weekend Windfalls.

When it comes to income generation, nothing else can compare. No other strategy gives you the combined protection of Weiss Ratings and Mike Larson.

Why Wait Around for Dividends
When You Can Collect Your Cash
Instantly Every Week?

Take one of our most recent trades for example. If you had bought $10,000 in the share on September 4th, 2020, you would have qualified for the September dividend payday.

Your dividend payment would have amounted to a measly 83 bucks, enough to take your spouse out to dinner at the Outback Steakhouse.

As long as you didn't order a second round of drinks, right?

But instead, we collected $1,176 from a single weekend windfall without buying a single share.

To make the same $1,176 from dividends, get this: You would have needed to invest more than $140,000 just to buy the shares.

Either that or you would have had to wait for many years.

I don't know about you, but even in normal times, I'd prefer the instant cash without tying up all that capital in stock and without the long wait. And in crazy times like these, that’s even more important.

But with Weekend Windfalls, that's what you're going to have the chance to do nearly every Friday morning.

How to Add $50,000 (or Much More)
to Your Nest Egg This Year …

Based on our Weiss Ratings model tests and real-time experience, you can have already pocketed an average of about $1,000 almost every week for the past four years.

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We did it to level the playing field so you could get richer one windfall at a time.

That's why Weekend Windfalls will retail for far, far less than $4,000 per month. It will retail for $500 per month.

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Our $50,000-Per-Year Promise

With a demonstrated 99.7% win rate, we're very confident in the Weekend Windfall system.

That's why we're also prepared to promise that you'll have the opportunity to make an extra $50,000 per year.

Precisely how much you want to make is up to you. Depending on how much cash you have in your account, what kind of account you select, you could potentially make $100,000, $150,000 or even $200,000 per year with our recommendations.

But $50,000 is a good initial goal to aim for.

My Promise:

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And since this is a new service, with special American Crossroads pricing that we may never offer again, we can only allow 500 people to join.

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All Enrollment for Charter Members
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Martin Weiss, PhD.
Host, America at a Crossroads: Instant Income Revealed

Important note: The ability to (a) earn approximately $1,000 in extra income per week or much more, (b) earn approximately $50,000 per year or multiples thereof, (c) achieve annual average returns that are nearly 100 times better than bank CDs, and (d) do so with a 99.7% success rate, is based on over three years of testing from 1/15/2016 to 7/19/2019 using the Weiss Stock Ratings model, as well as the Weiss Options Model to analyze thousands of stocks and hundreds of thousands of options, assuming a hypothetical investor uses two times minimum required margin (or only half of maximum leverage). If less or no leverage were used, the income achieved would be marginally or significantly smaller. Unexpected sharp declines in financial markets, such as occurred during the Covid-19 crisis of March and April of 2020, can also adversely affect performance.

Although past experience or testing is no guarantee of future performance, we believe these results provide an accurate representation of what is possible. Trading tactics that can further enhance the income and capital preservation of the strategy were not included in the test period but will be included in the Weekend Windfall Service. For more information, see Terms and Conditions