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Weiss Technology Portfolio

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Our Top 3 AI “Silent Partner” Stocks.

Tech giants Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Meta are relying on “Silent Partners” to build the critical infrastructure for the projected $200 trillion AI boom.

And we’re about to issue a NEW “buy” alert for our top three Silent Partner AI stocks:

  • Silent Partner AI stock #1: Wall Street calls this under-the-radar stock, an “NVIDIA-like AI play.”
  • Silent Partner AI stock #2: It’s less than 1/100th the size of Microsoft … and yet critical to Microsoft’s ambitious AI plans.
  • Silent Partner AI stock #3: A landmark partnership could help this under-the-radar company capture billions of dollars from Microsoft, Meta, Google and Amazon.

As a new member of Weiss Technology Portfolio, you will be among the very first investors to receive this trade alert (and our full analysis on these three Silent Partner stocks) on Friday, Feb. 16.


The Unbeatable Track Record of the Weiss Stock Ratings

So far, the Weiss stock ratings have upgraded to “Buy” 62 technology stocks that then soared 1,000% or more.

Investors who followed our system could have seen long-term gains of 810% on ASML … 903% on Citrix Systems … 1,105% on Pegasystems … 2,342% on Microsoft … 3,146% on Lam Research … 4,834% on Ansys … 11,129% on NVIDIA … 11,169% on Tyler Technologies … 33,503% on Apple and many more.


Expert guidance by veteran tech investor and a former Microsoft executive.

This man lives and breathes scientific, data-driven stock analysis. At Microsoft, he and his team helped build one of the world’s first algorithmic stock trading systems — in the first year, it beat the market by more than 3-to-1 and has been used by over 1.8 million users.

He expanded on that success by combining his expertise with our Weiss ratings, which have identified the very best tech investment for over 20 years.

Now, he’s putting that track record of success to work for Weiss Technology Portfolio Members.


12 Months of Full Access to the Weiss Technology Portfolio.

The service includes two model portfolios:

  1. Our Artificial Intelligence Portfolio, dedicated exclusively to the $200 trillion AI megatrend, including the “Silent Partners” building the critical infrastructure for this bonanza of AI wealth.
  2. Our Diversified Tech Stock Portfolio, designed to benefit from the vast long-term impacts AI will have on virtually all technologies and tech companies — especially those in the forefront of the multitrillion-dollar Big Data megatrend, the multitrillion-dollar mobile computing megatrend and the multitrillion-dollar driverless vehicle megatrend … not to mention the microchips that power allof these megatrends.

Combined, these two model portfolios provide the ultimate service for investors seeking to benefit from the tech disruptions unfolding today and in the future.

We recommend strictly the cream of the crop, based on the Weiss tech stock ratings.

Just by following the Weiss tech stock ratings, investors could have made …

  • 903% on Citrix Systems
  • 1,105% on Pegasystems
  • 4,834% on Ansys
  • 11,169% on Tyler Technologies
  • 33,503% on Apple

Not to mention the gains on early AI adopters, such as …

  • 810% on ASML
  • 2,342% on Microsoft
  • 3,146% on Lam Research
  • 11,129% on NVIDIA


Immediate savings of $2,150 (43% off).

In the past, thousands of folks paid $5,000 per year to join similar services here at Weiss. But given the urgency of the AI bonanza, we’re temporarily opening the doors to Weiss Technology Portfolio for just $2,850 per year. You save $2,150 right off the bat.


Save the same $2,150 every year you renew.

You lock in the same 43% discount for as long as you remain a member.

Before your membership comes up for renewal, we’ll let you know, give you plenty of time to decide and then bill your credit card at the same discounted $2,850 rate. (You can opt out of this auto-renewal feature any time.)


Our Ironclad Promise.

If we cannot help you beat the performance of the S&P 500 index by at least 3-to-1 in your first year with Weiss Technology Portfolio, just let us know via email or phone, and we will give you a second year free. That would be a $5,000 value at zero extra cost.

To claim your 43% discount, and SAVE $2,150 …

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