All Weather Portfolio

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Benefit #1. World-beating outperformance: Investors following our All-Weather Portfolio model could have

  • Beat the S&P 500 Index by 4.9 to one …
  • Beat Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway shares by 5.3 to one, and …
  • Beat the average hedge fund by 8.2 to one.

Benefit #2. Suitable for IRAs and other retirement accounts: The Weiss Ratings All-Weather Portfolio is designed for core retirement funds. We never use options, futures or small-cap stocks. We invest strictly in solid, liquid, stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Benefit #3. Protection in bear markets: This alone can make the difference between a miserable, stressful retirement and truly enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Benefit #4. Powered by the Weiss stock ratings, the only stock research in the world that was ranked #1 for profit performance in The Wall Street Journal and ranked #1 AGAIN in a study sponsored by the SEC.

Benefit #5. The FREEDOM to enjoy your life: As soon as you join, you will receive a report listing our 10 top picks today with precise instructions on what to buy and how much to pay. Then, simply check your inbox every Friday afternoon for our market alert.

Benefit #6. EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the Weiss Performance Index — the secret sauce we use to select the top 10 stocks among the 13,000 we cover.

Benefit #7. EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our Bull/Bear Timing Model — the signals we use for an early warning of major market declines and recoveries.

Benefit #8. Access to my personal portfolio statements. I’m investing my own money alongside yours, always giving you the opportunity to buy or sell before I do. You will have continuing access to copies of my broker statements via our Members-only website.

Benefit #9. Regular webinars giving you the opportunity to fully understand the progress of our retirement portfolio strategy and ask us any questions you may have.

Benefit #10. Huge savings! In the past, we sold this type of premium service for $5,000 per year, and thousands of subscribers paid that price.

But given the urgency of sound retirement planning in these turbulent times, I don’t want you to pay nearly that much.

Today, as we open the doors to the Weiss Ratings All-Weather Portfolio for the first time, I am giving you the opportunity to join as a Charter Member for only $2,450 per year.

Benefit #11. Save the same $2,550 every year you renew. You lock in the whopping 51% discount for as long as you remain a Member. Before your membership comes up for renewal, we’ll let you know, give you plenty of time to cancel and then bill your credit card at the same discounted rate of $2,450 rate. (You can opt out of this auto-renew feature any time.)

To claim your 51% discount, and SAVE $2,550 …

Call 877-934-7778 (Overseas callers: +1-561-627-3300) Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time.