Martin Weiss

“There’s never been a more
urgent time to diversify …”
— Dr. Martin Weiss, PhD

How to Build Your
American Escape Plan
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In this presentation, our Council
of Experts will show you how to:

  • Get your money away from inflation, high interest rates and failing American banks.
  • Get out of the U.S. stock market with valuable off-the-grid assets.
  • Get a second home abroad, either as an investment or a place to go when things get bad.
On top of that, we’ve arranged a very special deal, for Weiss members only. Exclusive, first-mover access to beachfront, international real estate … at a personally-negotiated price.

Nilus Mattive

Hello, my name is Nilus Mattive.

I’m the chairman of the Shadow Wealth Society – a small group of Americans dedicated to moving some of their wealth off the grid and away from the outstretched hands of the American government.

I’ll tell you more about this exclusive group in just a moment.

But first, I want to talk direct with you.

Today, we’re going to address the elephant in the room.

It may be painful, but it is necessary.

You see, something is disturbingly wrong in America …

And it may be beyond repair.

To start with, our financial balance sheet is in tatters.

Congress and the president continue to run up debt, even as we struggle to pay just the simple interest – $475 billion per year.

Inflation is not going away. Even the Federal Reserve is worried it could be permanent.

We may never see interest rates under 7% again for a long time.

Mortgage prices, rental payments and car loans are skyrocketing – putting more people in danger of default.

The price of all goods, from eggs to iPhones, has risen drastically.

Will they ever come down?

Our proprietary Weiss bank ratings see more than half of American banks as in danger of failing – an alarming number for a so-called advanced society.

What happens when these debts are called – or we fail to pay?

I shudder to think of the chaos that could be unleashed in a bank run, or worse.

And even as our government drains our funds from every direction … taxes, inflation, high interest rates …

They still want more.

Which is why the Federal Reserve recently got together with the authorities …

And hatched a plan that could give them access to your bank account.

It’s called Fed Now and down the road; it could lead to control of your money …

I fear a dystopian future is coming for America.

Because there’s something else going on here, too.

It’s hard to put a finger on, but the social fabric we’ve grown so used to is tearing apart at the seams, right in front of us.

Violent crimes like rape, carjackings and assaults are rising rapidly, especially in American cities and densely populated suburbs.

Homicides are still abnormally high compared to 2019 and drastically higher than 2014 levels.

There seems to be an overall lack of respect since the dark days of Covid.

Whether it’s a dirt biker stomping on a mother’s minivan in Philadelphia or flash looters tearing down an Apple store and a liquor store on the same block …

Or a man getting stabbed while walking home from a wedding in Brooklyn …

It’s even in the heart of American politics, Washington D.C.

A congressman was recently carjacked on his way to work. Another congresswoman was assaulted in her Capitol Hill apartment.

It’s no wonder six out of 10 Americans say they feel less safe than they did four years ago.

Domestic Migration Chart

And why over two million people poured out of America’s cities over the last three years.

And what does our government do about it all?

They bicker and moan and give themselves bigger salaries. Fiddling while the nation burns, like Nero.

In the meantime, they try to squeeze every dollar they can from their most productive constituents through higher and higher taxes.

As more people leave, tax revenue has dropped drastically.

Over $68 billion lost from America’s largest cities and urban counties over two years.

So they raise taxes to make up for it … which, of course, only drives more people out, putting cities in a death spiral.

Like in New York City, politicians are trying to pass yet another tax raise on couples who make more than $250,000.

But because of taxes and cost of living, $250,000 is effectively worth only $83,500 in places like New York City and San Francisco.

That’s why young professionals fled New York City in the last three years – taking their potential tax dollars with them.

Six of the top 10 income tax states are in the densely populated Northeast corridor.

But what do we get for all this tax?

The education system is outdated and ineffective.

Our infrastructure is crumbling.

These same high-tax places also have some of the worst crime rates.

San Francisco Map

Look at this map of a previously thriving San Francisco block.

These are all the businesses that have closed down and left because of looting and shoplifting.

And it’s not just San Francisco, high-tax places like Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis, Richmond, Portland, LA and more are seeing a deadly wave of violent crime.

Who would keep paying that much to live in these places?

That’s why American cities are seeing an exodus only rivaled by the post-World War II race to the suburbs.

But when Americans search for a place to live the simpler life, they can run into the same government roadblocks all across the country.

For instance, Texas had the fifth-highest rise in property taxes over the last five years. And a few who raised them even higher, like Utah, Georgia and Colorado, aren’t exactly blue states.

States Map

Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas and Alabama add almost another 10% in sales tax onto every transaction – the highest in the country.

So you won’t find much of a discount outside the coastal enclaves either.

Maybe that’s why, when I travel, I pick up the same feeling of uneasiness all across the country.

Life in America is becoming unaffordable.

On top of that, all the political drama and violent crime is wearing people down.

Our country’s nerves are fraying at the edges.

Sadly, looking ahead to next year’s election only increases my trepidation.

It feels like America has lost something along the way.

And it may be broken beyond repair.

While that makes me sad for the nostalgia of our past, my responsibility is to protect my family and give them the best life possible.

I worry about the world I’m raising my daughter in.

Is this the best place for them to thrive?

We need somewhere to go, if things continue to get worse here.

Not just financially, but perhaps even physically as well.

We need an American Escape Plan …

I’m not talking about abandoning America, and our children, grandchildren and way of life.

For some folks, it’s not that drastic.

But ask yourself, with everything going on right now, is a 100% American-based portfolio the best place for your money?

It makes total sense to diversify a little bit.

To create a backup plan, in case of emergency.

Whether it’s moving some of your wealth away from American banks …

Or acquiring off-the-grid investments with no attachment to the stock market.

Or even, buying international real estate and a Plan B home for your family.

It’s time for an American Escape Plan.

And today, we’re going to show you how to build that escape plan, step-by-step.

I’m going to enlist the help of some of the top experts in their fields.

Like Ted Baumann, the world’s foremost guide on moving your money and yourself abroad.

The son of a former congressmen and a dual U.S. and South African citizen, Ted has lived the “International Man” lifestyle since childhood and has built an extensive list of contacts since.

That includes some of the best immigration and second passport lawyers on almost every continent …

Real estate agents in some of the most sought-after locations in the world, who will provide white-glove concierge service on your purchase.

A well-respected contact in New Zealand who can help store gold, precious metals, jewels, fine art and more in a secure, underground vault guarded 24/7.

Or a family of private bankers in Zurich that open completely legitimate “offshore” Swiss bank accounts, with minimal fees.

Today, myself and Ted will lay out exactly what to do to create an American Escape Plan at any income level.

Whether it’s moving some of your money out of the country or into off-the-grid investments …

Or actually crafting an international life for you and your family …

A true American Escape Plan needs somewhere you can go physically.

Especially if things get worse here, as many experts expect.

That’s why I’m really excited to share one more detail about today’s presentation.

We’ve negotiated a very special deal … and everyone watching this video is eligible to participate.

It’s an exclusive, first-mover advantage on a prime piece of beachfront international real estate.

You will get first dibs on the most sought-after condos – at a personally negotiated discount.

Before anyone else gets access.

Not only that, but you will get the same off-market access to a number of exclusive projects and prices.

That means first pick, before these projects are open to the public.

And at a much lower price, at times hundreds of thousands of dollars less.

If you don’t like this location or aren’t ready to move, you can take advantage of your early access on a number of prime locations coming in the near future.

It’s a very generous offer, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

So, let’s get right to the point of today’s presentation.

We’re going to help build an American Escape Plan.

That’s why my Shadow Wealth Society co-chairman Ted Baumann is going to join me right now.

Interview 1

NILUS: Ted, welcome to the broadcast … I think we have a lot of people on the edge of their seat.

I know you live abroad, but the tension and fear here in the U.S. is palpable right now.

Financially, things seem to be hanging on a razor’s edge.

A lot of people are nervous.

TED: I see it every day on the foreign news …

The headlines are bad and getting worse.

That’s why I’m so grateful you invited me today.

There are a lot of ways Americans – and everyone, really – can diversify their portfolio away from the chaos in the U.S.

I’m talking about completely legitimate methods …

To move money offshore and into assets that can’t be grabbed by the tentacles of the U.S. government’s overreach …

That won’t have its value destroyed by the Federal Reserve’s flaky interest rate policies …

Failing U.S. banks or the up and down stock market.

If – or maybe when – America hits a recession, history shows these assets should carry on, untouched.

But very few Americans are aware of the options right at their fingertips.

With my experience, and the contacts I have worldwide, it’s not just a dream about diversifying your wealth internationally.

It can be done – and fairly easily.

Now is the time to prepare, before things get worse.

NILUS: Let’s get right into it then and talk about that.

Is a recession in America looming?

I sure think so.

TED: Some of the biggest experts in the world seem to think so too.

Warren Buffett just said “an incredible period” of growth is ending in America.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said our economic situation, combined with wars in Israel and Ukraine, may make this, “the most dangerous time the world has seen in decades.”

Research firm Ned Davis puts our chances of recession at 98%.

Even the Federal Reserve’s own analysis sees inflation and high interest rates leading to recession in 2024.

NILUS: Here at Weiss Ratings, our proprietary Bull/Bear Timing Model just switched from Bull to Neutral for the time in years.

It’s typically a leading sign of recession.

TED: You’re in the U.S., Nilus. Would any of this surprise you?

NILUS: Not at all.

I’ve been expecting it.

And preparing myself and my family for leaner times.

Using many of the same ways we’re going to talk about today.

So, let’s address these problems head on, Ted.

Our Weiss bank ratings say over half of American banks are in danger of failing.

Inflation will not quit, and high interest rates persist.

How can we protect our money from these threats?

How do we build an escape plan for our cash?

TED: The real problem with failing banks is how much government intervention they invite.

And what that means for your privacy.

NILUS: Can you explain a little further?

TED: Sure. You remember the 2008 financial crisis … and the government’s bailouts of some of the largest banks and investment firms.

NILUS: Yes, I do. In fact, our Weiss bank ratings have been 99% accurate when it comes to predicting bank failures, since just before the 2008 financial crisis.

Many of these banks were on shaky ground.

TED: That’s right. And then the government came in and “bailed” them out, like it was a charitable act.

But with every bail out, there’s always a catch.

The government usually asks for more access, more control, more surveillance.

After all, if your business is dependent on the government to provide backstops at the first hint of any crisis, like U.S. banks …

Then you’ll be ever more willing to betray your fiduciary duties to your clients.

If your government demands information from your bank, they may have an obligation to hand it over.

With more banks failing, expect more government control.

NILUS: Like earlier this year Ted, when the Federal Reserve launched a little-known program called “Fed Now.”

In theory, it gives the government unprecedented access to your bank account.

Which is why we call the program “Fed Control” here at Weiss.

This power hasn’t been activated yet.

But in a crisis – it would be too easy to switch on government control of your assets and spending.

TED: As an American, this is the kind of stuff that should make your skin crawl.

And that’s not to mention all of the other threats coming for our money, like inflation, rising taxes, high interest rates that drive up the cost of borrowing.

It is common sense at this point to spread the money around for protection.

Some folks may want to take a large chunk out of the U.S.

Others may just want to move a small percentage – for now.

NILUS: Folks, how much you move out of the American system is up to you.

It’s all about your comfort level.

Or rather, your lack of comfort with the American financial system.

Diversification is important no matter what kind of world we’re living in.

You should never dump all of your money into any one investment.

But in times of turmoil and fear, finding safe havens for your money could be the only thing that protects you in the end.

NILUS: So what’s the first thing we should do, Ted?

TED: Well … first, I’d take some of your investment portfolio out of stocks or bonds.

And buy valuable, physical assets, especially precious metals like gold and silver.

NILUS: I agree, Ted.

Gold typically has been a hedge against inflation, war, government corruption and all of the above.

The best indicator of troubled times is often the price of gold.

It’s been steadily rising for the last year.

That means smart investors are buying protection. Insurance against inflation.

And the price could go up even further.

We’ve seen gold make huge gains in troubled times before.

Like back in the early 70s … a time similar to now.

War was breaking out everywhere, most notably Vietnam.

Inflation was running high and fuel supplies were low.

Historical Gold Prices

Gold went up 747% over the decade of the ‘70s.

And from the Dot-Com Crash of 2001 through the end of the financial crisis, gold went up 441%.

Historical Silver Prices

Silver, of course, does even better than gold during those periods, making 1,298% and 814%, respectively.

Owning gold and other precious metals is essential, in my book.

But you have to be careful, Nilus.

NILUS: How so, Ted?

NILUS: There are a number of scams out there when it comes to buying gold.

Folks who will send you a fancy certificate for your purchase, but who in fact, actually own no gold at all.

The gold coin market is even worse …

It is very difficult to make money on gold coins, unless you have an expert in your corner who knows which coins to buy and sell, can properly rate each coin and knows the value down to the second.

NILUS: Are these some of the people you’re in contact with Ted?

TED: Yes, I have connections throughout the world who are legitimate gold and silver dealers.

They’ve built their reputations over years in the business.

And they’ve helped thousands of Americans like our viewers purchase and hold these special assets overseas.

NILUS: Another thing people don’t think about is storage, Ted.

TED: Absolutely, Nilus.

If anyone wants to keep these assets away from the U.S. government, then they’re going to want to store them somewhere outside of the United States.

For that, you need a trusted expert.

And I happen to know quite a few people who could help our viewers.

NILUS: Without naming them here, can you give us an example?

TED: I could give you dozens.

But one of the best places to store your assets, like gold or silver – or even fine art and collectibles – is with a fellow who runs one of the top underground storage vaults in the world.

It’s in New Zealand. It’s guarded 24/7. And our expert will take care of everything. Except, of course, flying there and turning over your assets.

I’m also connected with a family of private bankers in Zurich.

They specialize in helping Americans open overseas accounts – where investors can store precious metals and more.

And I know of professional bankers who will do the same in the Caribbean, South Africa and Ireland, amongst other places.

NILUS: So you’re an expert in how to connect Americans with an offshore bank account?

TED: I want to clear something up about that Nilus …

There is no such thing as an “offshore bank account” – or at least, in the way some folks imagine.

A place where you can take your money and hide it, essentially.

Free from tax and reporting.

As an American citizen, that type of thing is highly illegal.

And that’s not what I do.

I help Americans take advantage of the dozens of perfectly legal places they can put their money outside of the United States.

And yes, there is some tax benefit – and even more benefits when it comes to confiscation and enforcement.

But, everything we do and recommend is completely legitimate and above board – and in compliance with all American laws, like FATCA, or the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

Everyone we work with and would recommend is well versed in these laws and knows how to do things above board, with proper reporting.

NILUS: I totally understand what you’re saying, Ted. There’s no point in trying to hide your money illegally.

It only works until you get caught, and the repercussions can be devastating.

Asset seizure.

High legal fees.

Even arrest and jail time.

TED: Why go through all that when we can take advantage of a number of perfectly legal ways to move money and assets outside of America?

NILUS: Like buying gold and silver?

TED: That’s right.

But there are even better options you can buy to store your money.

Especially if you want to get even more off the grid.

NILUS: You mean other physical assets we can buy?

TED: That’s right.

NILUS: Like diamonds.

TED: Gold and silver are great, but they have some drawbacks.

There are many restrictions and limits traveling with them internationally, for instance.

They set off metal detectors, and you’re required to claim them at customs.

Try to walk a gold bar through the airport …

You’ll end up with a huge hassle in customs forms, paperwork and potentially, confiscation.

NILUS: But with diamonds, you can carry a bar much lighter in weight than gold right through security and customs, no problem.

It won’t arouse suspicion, and you don’t have to claim the asset at customs.

TED: And diamonds are no longer hard to acquire … you can even order them online.

I can connect you with respected, international diamond dealers who can sell you a bar of choice diamonds. Or even an individual diamond.

NILUS: And, diamonds traditionally have been a good investment … take a look at this chart.

Historical Diamond Prices

Gold has gone up 3.7% a year for the last 50 years, on average.

Silver follows a similar path.

But diamonds?

Diamonds are on another level.

The value of top-rated diamonds has gone up 14% a year since 1960. Over three times better than gold.

TED: Now, that’s a store of value over the long term.

Very impressive.

NILUS: Folks, in a few moments, we’re going to show you how to get access to Ted’s valuable overseas contacts.

In fact, we’ll even make a personal introduction to some of them.

This information is typically reserved for a small group of likeminded investors, looking to move some or even all of their money away from the American financial system.

And it’s not just expertise we share with this exclusive group.

We also arrange some exclusive deals on top-notch off-the-grid assets.

Like the international real estate deal we’ve set up today …

Or earlier this summer when we helped folks get exclusive, first-mover advantage to invest in a valuable piece of fine art …

A painting by one of the most sought-after American artists, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Haitian-American painter is very popular with rich celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jay Z.

And his paintings have turned out to be a great investment, returning 22% a year annualized between 1986 and 2018.

In 2016, the average price of his artwork was $3 million.

By 2021, that jumped to $12 million.

One of his paintings went for as much as $110.5 million.

We’ve gathered a LOT of data on this. And we’ve found that over the last 10 years, sure, art has done well. It’s up 91%.

All of these figures are just averages. But look at this.

While art was up 91%, luxury goods are up 137%.

Rare watches are up 147%.

Rare wines are up 162%.

Vintage cars are up 185%.

And here’s the best performer — rare whiskey bottles, up 373%.

Investing in fine art is a great way to diversify a portfolio – and keep some of the money off the grid.

And we got this special group of investors an opportunity to get in on a newly discovered Basquiat painting – before anyone else got the chance.

They swooped on the opportunity, and piled millions in the investment round in a matter of days.

In the last ten years …

Art is up 19 times more than gold.

Vintage cars are up 39 times more than gold.

And rare whiskey is up 79 times more than gold.

And I can’t stress enough. That’s during a period of very low inflation, just 2.3% per year on average. 

So, if you look at a longer time frame, which includes more inflation, and you have some expert guidance to pick some of the best pieces …

Then it’s possible to do better, a lot better.

For example, the average vintage car rose 185% over the past ten years.

We did the same thing a couple months later when we set up an opportunity for our members to invest in a rare collector car.

Before anyone else got access …

Collector cars gained 25% as a category last year alone, and 185% across the board over the last decade.

And they operate totally outside of the traditional financial system. The value has been unaffected by swings in the U.S. stock market.

Our members got exclusive, first-mover advantage on a rare Mercedes GT – one of only 40 ever made.

But with some good selection and plenty of time to let the asset appreciate, we can see that some of the biggest winners did much better like …

A BMW 507 rose 39,900%.

A Shelby Cobra 427 surged by 73,233%.

And a Ferrari 250 GTO has, over time, appreciated by 388,789%. That was enough to transform a $10,000 initial investment into nearly $39 million.

Ferrari 250 GTO

Now, we’re taking things to another level.

We’ve arranged first-mover advantage on a piece of beachfront international real estate …

At a personally negotiated discount price.

And with white-glove concierge service offered at no extra charge.

Literally, all you have to do is send an email.

It’s a very high standard of care.

NILUS: Ted, why is international real estate such a good investment?

TED: First off, Nilus, like every home – it’s a tangible, physical asset.

And a place you can live as well.

It provides two benefits: financial and physical.

NILUS: Physically, obviously, if it’s in a safe place, I can move there and get away from danger here in the U.S.

That is nice to have in your back pocket, if things get worse here.

TED: And it’s a lot cheaper than you think as well.

Right now, even though the U.S. economy could be in trouble, the dollar is still strong around the world.

And the bang you can get for your buck is very impressive. Exchange rates mean you’re automatically saving five and six figures on quality real estate in prime locations.

The offer we’re going to share tonight – for prime, beachfront condos in a very safe place, where your dollar will go a long way …

Is available for less than $300,000.

NILUS: That’s very affordable.

TED: And truthfully, Nilus, if you’re willing to take a little more risk in where you live, you can get even better properties for far cheaper.

NILUS: What can owning international real estate do for us financially, Ted?

TED: Well, it’s a physical asset that should appreciate over time.

A potentially better place for your money than stocks or bonds, during high inflation and recession.

And investors could make money through rental income off the property, especially with things like Airbnb and VRBO – or well-regarded local property managers we can connect you with.

In some countries, you could use the property to deflect some foreign taxes.

NILUS: And it can be used to acquire a foreign passport in some places as well, right Ted?

TED: That’s correct, often, in many countries, by buying property and living there for a certain amount of time will allow you to apply for a foreign passport – a handy tool.

NILUS: What does a second passport get you, Ted?

TED: Well, above all, it means that you have the legal right to live somewhere else for as long as you want. And that means you can take advantage of another country's laws to protect your money and assets …

Even against the U.S. itself.

But one of the most important advantages is that if the U.S. seizes your passport for any of the dozen or so reasons that the law allows, you have another one that you can use to travel.

Remember, for a tax debt of as little as $50,000, the IRS can seize your passport.

And of course, if you become a citizen of another country and live and work there, you can exclude nearly $250k in income from your U.S. taxes … forever.

NILUS: And what about as an investment, Ted?

How does foreign real estate stack up?

TED: As you know, with real estate, it’s all about location, location, location.

But properties like the one we’ve arranged a deal on today, tend to hold up.

In fact, our international real estate expert has seen prices go up steadily over two or three years from the initial offering.

Like in Gran Tulum in Mexico. Early investors got in for $175,000 in 2019.

Now some of those same properties are listed for $409,000 or more.

Another deal in a similar location in 2018 saw first movers get premium penthouse condos for $225,555.

Retail price is now as much as $417,000.

In Portugal’s Algarve, condos specially offered to first movers went for 500,000 euros in 2020.

Now they go for around 795,000 euros.

NILUS: Just a reminder …

Today, we’re offering you a chance to get exclusive access to a small group of hand-selected condos.

This is true beachfront, with the ocean as your front yard and the mountains as your backyard.

It’s a five-hour flight from New York and six hours from LA.

You’re an hour from the airport and surrounded by first-class medical facilities, top-notch restaurants and shopping …

Plus they’re building a village market and mall with restaurants and shopping – just steps down the boardwalk from these beachfront condos.

Units in similar places have gained over $141,000 in value in just a few short years.

And the best part, you’ll be able to get into these two-bedroom, two-bath units at a personally negotiated discount.

Ted, in a moment, we’re going to say goodbye and bring in another member of our Council of Experts, our international real estate scout, Ronan McMahon.

But first, I want to thank you for joining us today and sharing this valuable information.

I feel like I have a much better grip on how to build my American Escape Plan, and I hope our viewers did too.

TED: I’m so glad to be of assistance and I can’t wait to help our viewers build their American Escape Plan.

I’m sure I’ll talk to a lot of you very soon.

NILUS: Thanks, Ted.

Like I mentioned, the man who put this deal together for us is our international real estate expert at the Shadow Wealth Society, Ronan McMahon.

Ronan spends six months of every year on the road, finding and negotiating opportunities on premium real estate in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Ireland, South America and more.

Like I mentioned earlier, real estate is about location, location, location.

And that’s where Ronan has an almost sixth sense for the next big developments.

The ones that are going to attract people and money …

And give you a chance to live in paradise …

While getting a chance to profit from capital appreciation, rental income or a mixture of both.

Ronan was ahead of the crowd in recommending property in his home country, Ireland, in 2000 at the start of the Celtic Tiger period of unrivaled and historic economic growth for the country and its real estate market.

He called it again in Panama in 2004, when he predicted that values in Panama City were about to spiral.

He jumped on property in Northeast Brazil in 2008, right before the market saw a huge rise in values.

And he was ahead of the big growth in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

He’s also the author of “The Big Book of Profitable Real Estate Investing.”

And like I mentioned, he is now our resident international real estate expert for the Shadow Wealth Society, as part of our Council of Experts.

Interview 2

NILUS: I think we’re getting Ronan’s call in now. Ronan, are you there?

RONAN: Yes, Nilus, lovely to see you.

NILUS: Likewise. So, I'm super excited to have you join the Council of Experts here at Shadow Wealth Society. I mean, I can't wait for people to hear about some of the things we're going to do together, starting with this oceanfront property that you're bringing to the table for everyone watching today. Can you just give us a little overview about the location of some of the benefits of this particular community that you're involved with?

RONAN: Absolutely. Nilus, picture this. You walk out your front door, you feel this kind of soft tropical grass they have. You walk past your pool, then you hit the sand and right in front of you, you see the ocean glimmering to your right. There are surfers just down to the right. There's a surf break to your left.

There's a surf shack and that's how close this property is to the water. You know, it really is quite extraordinary that you can get this … that you can get a property like this, this close to the beach. And only less than an hour from one of the world's most kind of internationalized cosmopolitan cities, all for a just a super, super low price.

And then as an investment proposition, we're benefiting from a number of really, really strong trends. First of all, we're getting in at the ground floor. I mean, this is an opportunity that no one else heard of. So, around us, this area is getting built out. This isn't a complete greenfield site. You know, folks are already there. It's already semi-established.

But in terms of this opportunity, it's complete ground floor. So, we're getting in before prices rise as more people come. And secondly, you know, I've been able to approach the developer and just negotiate this special pricing for Shadow Wealth Society Members that just no one else can access anywhere, any way. And so that gives us lots of scope to enjoy additional capital appreciation as this destination takes off.

NILUS: Right. Well, I mean, I've seen it. So, you mentioned I'm a surfer. I travel a lot. I've actually driven past this location you're talking about within the last couple of months, surprisingly enough. And basically, what I saw was a lot of luxury … a lot of things that you wouldn't expect. I think a lot of people have a United States blinders on.

They don't realize how nice other parts of the world are and what opportunities are available to them in these locations. I can also tell you the cost of living. I mean, just from my brief time in this place, I had lobster tail for $12. I think it was a giant plate fresh out of the water that morning, huge fresh lobster tail with two side dishes.

And that was 11 or 12 bucks. United States dollars. And it's funny because the locals, when I talked about this with them, they were saying, “oh well, you know, it's kind of expensive now. It used to be even cheaper.” And I said, “Well, in Santa Barbara, this plate would be like 50 bucks,” right? That's before tip and tax.

So, it's really remarkable what you can get for your money once you kind of venture a little farther afield from the places you're used to. And I think you're right. Emphasizing this idea of getting it early is extremely important when it comes to real estate. I've seen the types of developments, how things have changed over the years when I revisit a certain place. What has happened in the interim, not only just in terms of infrastructure and sort of amenities, but what happens to the prices of the properties as more and more people discover them.

I'm sure you can speak to that in terms of …

RONAN: Yeah, absolutely. So, we've got two big things at play here. You know, first of all, there is the kind of the micro issue of what's happening in this city, this international city. It's just an absolute boom town. The airport has been expanded to add capacity for millions of more travelers. You know, the government is unrolling this suite of benefits to attract both individuals and corporate nations to relocate there.

And then you've got these beaches. You have the cost of living, you know, very, very significant potential tax savings, depending on how you organize yourself. So, you've got all these pull factors … these factors that just make this place more desirable now more than ever.

Then on top of that, you've got the domestic push factors. You've got the rising cost of living. You've got concerns about security. You've got all these concerns that so many of us have happening at a time when, Nilus, work has just changed forever. When so many more folks can work remotely, can run their business remotely, they can avail of tax benefits by going to these other places. So, it's just a plain no-brainer for people because on one side of the equation, they save very significantly in terms of costs.

On the other side of the equation, they just live a much richer life. And then on the physical real estate side of it, you can position yourself for very, very significant upside and rental income. And, you know, the thing is about these opportunities is the right deals, the right ones are just no-brainers. And by that, I mean they make sense whether you want to spend 12 months a year there, 12 days, it’s really no time at all in my opinion.

This is just the best place to put your money when you buy in the right places at the right time with the right people …  get in below market, see that fast capital appreciation, and then enjoy really, really strong rental income.

NILUS: Right? Well, you're right. So, the interesting thing to me, first and foremost as an investor, you're buying an asset. You're buying hopefully an undervalued asset, as you said, when you get in early, when you're with the right developers, when you're kind of in the right location. We all know location, location, location. I've seen it myself with my primary house here in Santa Barbara over the last several years.

The difference here is that on top of just buying a good asset at a good price, as you mentioned, there are other benefits. And these benefits are for people who are sort of in the mindset of a Shadow Wealth Society-type person … the idea of getting some money maybe away from the U.S. dollar, maybe getting some additional benefits with foreign property, you know, things like you said, financial privacy, possibly a second passport.

There are all types of other doors above and beyond just the core “this is a great investment.” So that's what I like about it … multilayered sort of opportunities all bundled up into one single investment. But I think what a lot of people would wonder is in terms of what the value that you bring to our counsel, first and foremost is, you find these opportunities, you find the locations, you scout everything out …

But as a person who might want to do this right, you also provide a level of service, sort of before, during and after purchase as well. So, can you give a kind of overview of how you would help somebody? People are going to be intimidated by foreign real estate, right?

RONAN: Sure. Absolutely. But first of all, the developer behind this is just one of the strongest groups in the entire region. You know, a multigenerational group that's been involved in everything from resort construction to major public infrastructure to energy generation … This is just a mega group that's strong and stable. And people who I trust and people who value their relationship with me.

So, that's the first thing because the group behind this is critical in all of that. Then, Nilus, I've spent a career doing this. I've accumulated a trusted Rolodex of lawyers, accountants, all the types of professionals you need. You know, I will be introducing each one of your members to my trusted contacts in each space. So, when it comes time to buy, I'll introduce you to the lawyer I use for this type of transaction.

I’ll introduce you to the accountant. Then within my team, you know, I've baked in an extra layer of comfort and an extra layer of protection, which is our concierge service. So, while you'll be buying direct from the developer who I have utmost confidence in, you'll also have a concierge relationship running in parallel. This is a team primarily of Americans who are out there living and investing in these places.

They know how these things work and they're available to you, Nilus, however you want it. You want to WhatsApp them, you want to email them, you want to call them … whatever platform, whatever way, they're available, and they're on your side just to help you navigate the process and make sure you understand what's happening the whole way through. Then when it comes time to delivery, I'll introduce you to a delivery liaison also on my team, and that person will connect you with all the delivery-related contacts you might need.

You want to buy, you know, you want an introduction to a rental manager. They'll give you options. You want a furniture package, they'll give you options. So, the idea is, and the execution is, that this isn't just a macro idea. This starts as a macro idea that this stretch of beach is a really, really special place.

Then we drill, find the best developer, find the best property to offer, and then go all the way through holding folks’ hands because this can be daunting and, you know, there can be cultural issues and, you know, a bank wire goes astray … you don't know what to do. You know, with what I've set up with my team, you just text your person and they'll help you navigate the whole process.

NILUS: I can't stress how important that is as a person that travels quite a lot. I mean, I mentioned I was in this place surfing not too long ago, and the first thing you need to do is talk to a local about where to paddle out, what's on the bottom of the water. You know, what are the hazards? Should I be careful paddling around?

Those kinds of things. And so that's the sort of analogy I would use is that this is a full-fledged sort of team that is behind you, helping me on the ground to know all the things I need to know about a sort of a new destination.

Well Ronan, this sounds super exciting, obviously, you know, I'm excited about it. I mean, I've already seen the area and I think it's spectacular. But I just want to thank you for joining us right now. We're going to hear a lot more from you in the future with our Shadow Wealth Society. But once again, thanks for being part of this with us.

RONAN: Nilus, it's a pleasure. I'm absolutely honored to be on with you and to be part of your council. And you know, I feel like international property is just such an integral pillar to the strategy that your members are pursuing. I'm really, really excited about being able to open up that world to them. And this deal in particular, you know, it's a really, really special one.

NILUS: Thanks again for joining us. I'm super excited to work with you. Can't wait for more in the future. See ya.

RONAN: See ya!

NILUS: So how do you learn the location of this property?

And get your name on the list to be in on this deal, before all the condos are gone?

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