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Renegade financial analyst, named by Thomson Financial as “Portfolio Manager of The Year” two years in a row, introduces a

Small Tech Company That
Could Help Unlock $8.1
Trillion in Undiscovered Oil

The last time we saw a similar disruption, 11 leading stocks in the sector rose by at least 1,000%. Here’s why we predict this new disruption could be even bigger …

Hello, my name is Chris Graebe.

I’ve invested alongside billionaires like Mark Cuban. My Rolodex reads like a who’s who of corporate founders and investment analysts.

And today, I’m here to tell you about the single best way to profit from what could be the largest energy disruption of our lifetime.

In this hour we have together, I will tell you all about a revolutionary disruption that drove the biggest oil boom of the 21st century, driving many stocks up by at least 1,000%.

Then, I will introduce you to a new tech disruption in the oil industry that could be even bigger, but very few people are aware of it today.

Best of all, I’ll introduce you to one small company that we predict will be in the forefront of this new disruption.

Very few people know about this. But the shocking events sweeping the global markets are all over the news.

Acute energy shortages spreading to the far corners of the planet.

Gas price riots in India, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

When this kind of thing happens, anyone in a position to help solve the problem should have the opportunity to make fortunes.

But typically, who winds up with the bulk of the riches?

It’s mostly those who find or own the greatest oil fields in the world — from the sands of the Arabian Peninsula to the Permian Basin of Texas.

It’s mostly those who spend their windfall profits lavishly on rooftop pools as big as rivers …

On exotic pet cheetahs …

Or fleets of Lamborghinis and Ferraris stretching for a half mile.

Trillions of dollars in wealth generated from the high price of energy!

But now, starting today, I say it’s about time average investors get a share of that wealth.

Plus, it’s about time they do it by helping to tap undiscovered reserves, generating more abundant, cheaper energy, and improving the lives of billions of people.

Here’s the good news: We’re at the dawn of an oil disruption that promises to do just that, a disruption very few people are expecting.

The last time something similar occurred in global oil markets was back in 2002. That’s the last time investors saw the kind of huge breakthrough in oil exploration that we see coming now.

That was the disruption that helped drive up the shares of 11 energy companies by at least 1,000%.

In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly what that disruption was and why we predict this one will be bigger.

But for now, suffice it to say that, back then, small investors were either late to the party or locked out altogether.

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s about to change. Starting right here and right now.

As the energy crisis grips the world, we’ve discovered a small but amazing U.S. tech company that’s in a very special place: It’s in the forefront of a breakthrough solution to global energy disasters now in the making.

In fact, we believe it has a
good chance of becoming the
No. 1 oil play of the decade.

That would be remarkable, of course. But what’s equally remarkable is that this company doesn’t explore, drill or refine a single drop of oil.

Instead, it has pioneered a tech breakthrough that could help unlock oil that’s deep under the ocean floors.

That’s right. Huge lakes of oil off the U.S. coastline and under the five great oceans of the world.

I’m talking about huge oil reserves — reserves, that based on the estimates by the International Energy Agency, are currently worth about $8.1 trillion!

$8.1 trillion is a heck of a lot of money. But what makes this opportunity especially unique is that most people don’t have a clue about this disruption.

Even if you don’t invest more than a small amount in this opportunity …

Even if you don’t know much about oil or oil technology …

I think the intelligence you’ll discover in the next few minutes will make this one of the most valuable investment presentations you’ve ever seen.

Not only will you discover how regular investors can buy a small stake in this coming oil disruption for $20 or less …

You’ll also see how the knock-on effects could disrupt countless other sectors across America.

And you’ll learn why this disruption could catapult America’s home-grown oil industry back to its place as the leader of the energy world.

Listen: I’ve been in the investment industry for a long time.

Like I said, I’ve invested alongside billionaire Mark Cuban in a company that has since grown like wildfire.

I’ve spent countless days and weeks crisscrossing the USA in search of the next red-hot opportunity.

And my Rolodex reads like a who’s who of some of America’s savviest company founders and analysts.

But the opportunity that one legendary investment expert recently dropped in my inbox is among the most attractive of my entire career.

Tony Sagami

His name is Tony Sagami. And in case you’re wondering, today’s not the first time he’s demonstrated his savvy in crisis times.

In the midst of the dot-com crash of the early 2000s, he got his followers into position to rake in profits hand over fist — all while the Nasdaq was on its way down by over 70%.

And in crisis after crisis — crashes, recessions, inflation — he has helped his followers sidestep the carnage, while others fell victim.

This helps explain why Thomson Financial ranked him the Portfolio Manager of the Year — not just once, but twice!

A record that’s unmatched to this very day.

For my part, I was really impressed.

Fact is, when Tony Sagami talks, the people that matter? They listen.

So, when he gave me the blow-by-blow breakdown of this never-before-seen $8.1 trillion disruption, I dropped everything and rushed to give you this urgent briefing.

I’m coming to you from my home office. No suit and tie. No fancy film crew.

Because the information you’re about to discover simply can’t wait.

Now, in order to understand where today’s opportunity is headed, you first need to know where we’ve been.

So, let’s go back to the last time the oil industry saw a breakthrough like the one we’re talking about here today.

Back then, it was fracking. You’ve probably heard of this — the technology oil companies use to drill down into shale rock. That’s what drove energy stocks sharply higher.

That’s the disruption that helped the shares of 11 energy companies rise by at least 1,000%.

Here they are:

HF Sinclair gave investors a gain of 1,044%.

Canadian Natural Resources gave investors a gain of 1,236%.

Petróleo Brasileiro matched that gain, also rising 1,236%.

Baytex Energy surged 1,241%.

Trican Well Service, 1,317%.

Danbury Inc., 1,528%

ATP Oil & Gas, 1,596%.

Range Resources, 1,616%.

Southwestern Energy exploded higher, up 2,043%.

Ultra Petroleum beat that performance, up 2,248%.

And Frontline LTD went on a moonshot of 2,645%.

That alone was enough to transform a $10,000 investment into $2,745,000. All in less than six years’ time.

And some smaller companies beat those gains by a mile.

Touchstone Exploration exploded 6,878% …

Scotoil Petroleum surged a jaw-dropping 14,116%, and …

Ryland Oil delivered historic returns of 14,570% …

Now, what I showed here is the highlight reel. Not all stocks in the sector showed such amazing performance.

But even including the laggards and the losers, and even excluding the smaller companies, investors could still have seen an average gain of 506%.


As Forbes magazine put it, “The shale boom turned the world upside down.”

Don’t worry if you missed that opportunity. Just be sure not to miss this next one, which we predict will be even better.

In fact, for something bigger than this, I think you’d have to go back more than a century — all the way back to 1901.

That’s the year of Spindletop, the famous oil gusher that gave birth to the entire petroleum industry.

It was responsible for the fortunes of Standard Oil, Gulf Oil, and Texaco — the same Texaco that would eventually become Chevron.

And it wasn’t the only time something like this happened.

Throughout history, every time there’s been a leap forward in how the United States finds and extracts energy, huge profits followed.

Right now, all our research tells us the pieces in place for a similar kind of growth.

We call the new technology breakthrough A.I.R.

I’m talking about a new kind of technology that traces its origins to a technology pioneered by the U.S. army in its early stages.

A technology so promising that it has attracted a small group of tech oligarchs from outside of the oil industry, people that you’d never expect to take an interest in oil.

Because the pent-up potential is simply too big for them to ignore.

Warren Buffett has invested heavily in the sector.

Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates has invested in it, as well.

Even Jeff Bezos is quietly doing the same.

We predict this tech will do more than make a big difference. It will completely upend the oil industry as we know it today.

You see, lots of folks are completely unaware that the vast majority of the world’s oil isn’t buried in the sands of the Arabian Peninsula or under the permafrost of Siberia.

No! There are billions of barrels of oil sitting below the bottom of the ocean.

Who says that?

The International Energy Agency, a division of the U.S. government’s Department of Energy! They estimate that there are 270 billion barrels of oil down there. And that’s just the oil they say is recoverable.

Even assuming that underseas oil is valued at only $30 per barrel, that’s $8.1 trillion in recoverable oil under the seas.

I can’t stress this enough: This isn’t just a story about a few untapped oil deposits. This is about massive lakes of petroleum waiting to be scooped up.

So, what I’m about to reveal is much bigger than hundreds of new oil discoveries. It has the potential to change everything.

You see, I don’t pay much attention when some rinky-dink Houston explorer stumbles upon a so-called “mother lode of all oil finds.”

In fact, I’m kind of sick and tired of hearing the financial media hype some Midwest oil company that’s poised to break through this or that billion-dollar well.

Even if those stories really stack up to the hype, they’re literally peanuts compared to the elephant-sized $8.1 trillion of the untapped oil we’re talking about right here.

And we’re convinced that the best way for regular investors to capture a good chunk of that windfall is to get themselves into position right now.

So, before we’re done here today, I will tell you all about our candidate for the No. 1 investment that average investors can tap into for this opportunity.

The company we believe will be the single best way to participate in this $8.1 trillion disruption.

But, you know, there’s always one thing that comes up when I talk to so-called Wall Street “experts” about this opportunity.

They make a big fuss about how energy needs to go green.

They quote The Economist, which calls oil “yesterday’s fuel.” Or they rave and rant about Joe Biden’s new green deal law.

So, let me give you the true facts, the actual reality on the ground as we speak.

All the focus on green energy has been virtually thrown out the window since the war in Ukraine.

Everyone now realizes that the war in Ukraine isn’t just any local regional war. Its impact has spilled over into Western European countries and the entire world.

It has thrown the entire global energy market into disarray.

And it’s not going away. If anything, it’s getting worse by the day.

Energy consumers around the world aren’t just suffering some supply shortages here and there. They’re absolutely starving for oil.

Just look at these predictions.

Jeremy Weir, CEO of one of the world’s largest oil trading corporations, predicts oil prices will blow past $150 per barrel.

And that’s among the tamer forecasts.

JPMorgan predicts oil will soar to $380 per barrel.

And one former European president says it will go to $400 a barrel and BEYOND.

And let me show you a chart from the International Energy Agency with their 15-year projections.

See that line?

Future Oil Demand

Even if they’re right about the growth in so-called “green” energy movement, they still expect oil consumption will blow past 100 million barrels PER DAY.

In effect, they’re telling you, me and anyone who cares to listen that the growth in oil demand is an unstoppable force.

And that’s what makes today’s opportunity a story for the ages.

For years, even decades, researchers have known that, right off the U.S. coastline and beyond, there are oil reserves on a trillion-dollar scale.

And now, the U.S. Department of Energy says it’s even more: $8.1 trillion!

But until very recently, no one had the know-how to locate more than a small fraction of that oil.

It was as if the energy barons were leaving $8.1 trillion on the table.

But now that this breakthrough in technology — this oil tech — is on its way, everything is about to change.

You see, data is so important. And based on data, we expect this will usher in a renaissance for the U.S. oil industry not seen since the oil fracking revolution, making fortunes for well-positioned investors.

In fact, we predict the 1,000%-plus gains we saw back in the fracking revolution could pale in comparison to today’s opportunity.

Yes, I know. The numbers I’m citing boggle the imagination.

So, now let me now explain why we believe so deeply in this opportunity.

We have found a very special company at the forefront of this disruption.

It has developed a special technology to help locate the massive lakes of oil deep under the ground.

So, let’s talk about radar.

You see, until recently, any radar system that tried to penetrate deeper than 20 or 30 feet produced data that was unreadable. Even the best engineers in the world couldn’t make heads or tails of it. It was a jumble of nothing.

This company’s new technology solves that problem.

So now, thanks to this new tech, the industry not only has radar, it has Artificial Intelligence Radar, which we call A.I.R.

Radar aided by the world’s most advanced computer software.

In a nutshell, here’s what makes the company’s technology so, so powerful.

Radar systems penetrate deep below ground or below the ocean floor.

They generate tremendous amounts of data. In other words, Big Data.

And this company has developed advanced artificial intelligence to sort through the Big Data — to provide a very clear picture of what’s underground or under the ocean floor.

That’s what’s so critical: Not just one, but the combination of three advanced technologies:

It’s a killer combination with this tech.

To better understand why this combination of technologies is so powerful, just look at what’s happened in other industries, where AI and Big Data have unleashed shockwaves of disruption.

Institutional Investor reveals that hedge funds using AI have returned almost triple the industry average worldwide.

Google recently started using AI and has added $9 billion to its revenue as a result.

One famous investor says, “The world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI … and applies it in ways we’ve never thought of.”

Those are the words of Mark Cuban, the billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

But until recently, no one was applying AI to oil exploration.

So, just imagine the repercussions for a company that makes A.I.R. a success!

That’s why some top minds from Silicon Valley tech firms and Houston oil explorers are lining up for the chance to get a peek at this technology.

And it’s why we foresee a wave of new money flooding into A.I.R.

But here’s the key.

Unlike past technological breakthroughs, where there were dozens of competitors jockeying for the lead position …

Based on our analysis, the company we’ve found is way ahead of any competition.

Something else I think is really neat:

1. It’s based in the U.S.

2. It’s got a lock on AI for ground-penetrating radar.

3. It has a lock on the business with one of world’s largest oil-drilling companies. And from what we can tell, no other AI company on the planet even comes close.

4. Most important, it’s set to help solve one of the greatest energy crises in our lifetime.

In a few minutes I’m going to show you how everyday investors can grab a stake in this company for just a few bucks per share.

This is urgent. Because as I mentioned at the outset, some of the richest people in the world are already circling around this sector like sharks. Warren Buffett. Jeff Bezos. Bill Gates. All of the names we know.

But they have not yet discovered this company! When they do, buckle up. It could be one heck of a ride.

Look, I don’t have a crystal ball, and no one can ever be 100% sure that any particular investment will pan out exactly as expected.

Anyone who says they can promise or guarantee you’ll make money — they cannot be trusted.

But I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Tony Sagami has been at the cutting edge of the financial industry for over 30 years.

Since the 1980s, in fact.

He never takes wild guesses. He never makes predictions without solid facts to back them up.

First and most important, Tony always seeks to make sure your investment plans don’t get fouled up by debt disasters, housing collapses, or even stock market crashes.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons his performance was so good even in the worst of times for the market, and why Thomson Financial named him Portfolio Manager of the Year, not just once, but twice.

Second, Tony always seeks to guide investors to the few sectors that go up even when the rest of the market may be going down.

Like the sector where this company can have the most impact: Oil.

Indeed, in 2022, while stocks in most other sectors went south, stocks in the energy sector went up sharply.

Let’s take a look.

PBF Energy surged 158% …

Torm surged 163% …

NexTier Oilfield Solutions, 168% …

Ardmore Shipping, 194% …

CONSOL Energy, 225% and …

Scorpio Tankers, 238%.

These are among the biggest winners. But even if investors also bought the laggards and the losers, on average, they’d be up 46%.

“Why?”, you ask. One reason is that the natural resource sector, which is dominated by oil, reported a whopping three times more annual free cash flow than during their previous historical peak of 20 years ago.

Is cash flow directly connected to profits? No, but it’s a big factor. And all you need to do is look at this chart.

Commodity Producers: Free Cash Flow

It shows free cash flow going up, up and up.

So, yes, I’m excited about the types of profits that the energy stocks have already delivered …

But I’m even MORE excited about the opportunity Tony Sagami has uncovered.

You know, I'm very familiar with investor behavior.

I’ve been talking to average investors and pros almost every day for many years.

And I can tell you flatly: Almost all of them fight the last war. Almost all of them drive with the rear-view mirror.

But the flashy and faddish trends of the past — they just don’t cut it. What’s going to make investors the most money are the NEW disruptors still in their early stages.

And that’s precisely how we see the opportunity we’re talking about now.

Everything I’ve laid out today suggests there’s could be a tidal wave of money, profits and action moving into A.I.R.

So, all our research tells us we’ve only got a short time to get in before that window slams shut.

And the best way to do it is to grab a stake in what we’ve identified as the No. 1 company in the forefront of this $8.1 trillion disruption.

In just a few minutes, I’m going to reveal how average investors can participate, starting with just a small grubstake.

My friend, if the news of this opportunity came from anyone else, I’d be skeptical.

But coming from Tony Sagami? Well, I’ve personally seen his track record. I know his history. And I know he’s someone I can trust …

For instance, not long ago, he recommended Apple before it shot up 423%.

He was super-early on Square before it surged 394%.

And this achievement is so outstanding it bears repeating: Thomson Financial named him the No. 1 Portfolio Manager of the year — not just once, but twice.

To my knowledge, no one else has ever achieved that feat.

So, good job, Tony!

It’s obvious Tony is not among those financial gurus who are all foam and no beer.

And the one company that’s been with him nearly every step of the way is … Weiss Ratings.

Weiss Ratings is the nation’s leading independent rating agency.

And Weiss Ratings is not like Moody’s, S&P or Fitch because it never accepts a penny for their ratings from the companies they rate.

That’s why Forbes called the founder “Mr. Independence.”

I love it!

And it’s why, among all the major research firms reviewed, a report in The Wall Street Journal ranked Weiss Ratings No. 1 in profit performance.

Think about that: The Wall Street Journal. No. 1 performance!

Above big established Wall Street institutions like JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and UBS Investment Research. Even Standard & Poor’s and many others.

So, who was the research analyst that helped Weiss develop its ratings from day one?

None other than Tony Sagami.

And who is one of the lead Weiss analysts today, who relies on those ratings to help him pick the cream-of-the-crop stocks?

None other than Tony Sagami.

Tony joined Weiss because they share a simple motto:

Always tell it like it is.
The good, the bad, the ugly.

That means, when they see stocks on the brink, they’re among the first to warn.

When they see true opportunities, they’re among the first to upgrade to a “buy.”

Look at the stocks they upgraded to a “buy” way back in 2004.

Since then:

Intuit has returned 1,722%.

Humana has returned 2,016%.

Copart has returned 2,433%.

IDEXX Laboratories, 2,674%.

Tyler Technologies, 3,457%.

NetEase, 3,596%.

O’Reilly Automotive, 3,610%.

Apple puts all of the above to shame. Since the day Weiss Ratings first upgraded it to a “buy” back in 2004, anyone who followed the Weiss ratings for Apple could have made, get this: 20,521%.

And Apple was NOT even the best-performing stock on the Weiss “buy” list.

But I want to be perfectly clear about the context. These are not stocks that Tony personally researched or recommended.

They’re stocks selected by the algorithm that Tony and the Weiss Ratings team helped create.

They were upgraded to a “buy” in 2004, and ever since then, Weiss Ratings has never downgraded them to a “sell.” Not even once.

They are among the best performers on our list.

But even if you throw in the complete list of Weiss “buys,” including those that did get downgraded to a “sell” and maybe even lost money … the average return on the Weiss selects was 465.7%.

That would still be enough to turn a $100,000 portfolio into $565,690.

Thanks to Tony and his team!

Now, Tony hopes to add a few other names to the Weiss list of top performers.

And we predict that the A.I.R. company we’ve been talking about here will be among those companies.

So, you might be wondering: Why is Tony so committed to spreading the word about this opportunity?

It’s because, ultimately,
the American oil story
is also Tony’s story.

You see, back in 2008, during the Great Financial Crisis, he was personally involved in the oil industry in various ways. He even owned a gas station company in Montana.

Gas prices were soaring to all-time highs of almost $4 a gallon and oil was almost $150 a barrel. Tony saw, first hand and every day, how those high gas prices literally killed the household budgets of average Americans.

A woman crying to him because she couldn’t feed her children.

Friends begging to sleep at his house because they couldn’t afford to turn on heat. (This is Montana we’re talking about, right? It gets really cold.)

Strangers begging his gas station attendants to loan them a tank of gas until their next payday. Crazy!

In just that one year, Tony’s company must have given away well over $10,000 worth of free gas.

So, when it comes to understanding the true impact that runaway energy prices have on average folks, Tony Sagami is the man.

Plus, he’s especially motivated to help average investors to make money.

This is why I love Tony’s humility and his honesty. I love the way he takes such as deep interest in the safety and success of investors.

In fact, I find it so appealing, I decided to join him as a partner in another ongoing project I’m going to tell you about here in just a moment.

Tony’s safety-first approach also helps explain why Tony waited before going public about this trailblazing A.I.R. company.

He didn’t wait just for the right technology to mature.

He didn’t wait just for global energy demand to blow through the roof.

He waited for both of these forces to converge at the same time.

Which is right NOW!

Because that’s how mass disruptions take hold.

At first, the money coming into the sector is just a trickle — just from the early adopters.

Then, there’s a major upsurge in demand, like we see in this energy crisis right now.

The situation hits a tipping point. Big investors start piling in. And finally, you see the moment.

That’s the moment when you invest.

Well, based on our research, that’s where we are today.

We predict this oil boom will be
much larger than the oil boom
that fracking introduced.

That’s one thing. But let me tell you about another thing that makes this opportunity even more attractive, in my opinion.

You see, back in the fracking boom, investors had to sift through hundreds of oil explorers, big and small. Then they had to figure out — or GUESS — which particular ones would hit the jackpot.

This time, with this company, it’s different.

This company is not an oil exploration company.

Actually, it’s not even an energy company.

It’s a company with disruptive technology that can service the ENTIRE oil industry, including hundreds of oil exploration companies, and dozens of giant oil conglomerates that dominate the sector right now.

This is because the company I want to name for you today has technology that we predict nearly every exploration company will want.

And here’s where things get really interesting.

As I said, to our knowledge, the company behind A.I.R. has no serious competitors.

So, we predict lots of oil explorers will want to use its technology and apply Big Data and AI to ground-penetrating radar.

In the Pacific Ocean. In the Atlantic Ocean. In the Arctic Ocean. And in the Indian Ocean.

And potentially, nearly everywhere new oil reserves are to be found.

So, as long as global oil giants use its technology, the company will get its share. Like operating a grand toll booth on a big chunk of the world’s new oil supplies.

Here’s another thing that makes this so interesting …

The last time there was a surge in oil exploration, during the fracking boom that kicked off in 2002, we’re aware of no company that was in a comparable “tollbooth” position.

Heck, just in the U.S. alone, there were 337 oil companies vying for a piece of the action in those days. And many of them had their own tech.

Which means it would have been very tough back then to identify the single stock with the potential to be the No. 1 winner.

Yes, 11 stocks soared by 1,000% or more.

But there were also quite a few that delivered only single-digit gains or even lost money.

And that leads me to what we like about this company behind A.I.R.

Based on our research, we predict that this time around, investors won’t have to spread their investments among hundreds of oil explorers to catch the big winners.

In our view, to catch THIS energy megatrend, it’s quite possible that all investors would need to do is place one trade in this one stock, kick back, relax and watch as the disruption unfolds.

We see no other opportunity
with greater potential.

Not electric vehicles, not big tech, and not the White House splurging tens of billions on a “green new deal.”

Even if the U.S. government invests double that amount, mass adoption of green energy could still be years away.

In contrast, we’re convinced this opportunity is right here. Right now.

And we see this technology behind A.I.R moving ahead at rocket speed.

So, if you want to position yourself properly, Tony suggests you make one critical move.

And that move is to invest directly in the U.S. company that’s the leader in A.I.R.

All the details are inside a special report that Tony has put together for our viewers today.


To download this report now, click here for all the details.

It’s titled, “How to Profit From the Coming $8.1 Trillion Oil Industry Disruption.” And I’d like to give you direct access to this report right now.

In this special report, Tony reveals the stock name. He gives you its ticker symbol. And he explains why he predicts it’s the No. 1 way to ride the tremendous disruption A.I.R. will unleash across the entire global oil industry.

Right now, regular investors can pick up the stock for just a few dollars per share.

But when the rest of the world discovers the pent-up potential of this company, Tony predicts it will be worth many times more.

I want to interject one thing to make sure there’s no misunderstanding. Nothing I say here should be interpreted as a guarantee or a promise of future profits.

That may be something other folks do. But that’s not Tony. And it’s not me either.

But we do know the history. For example, one early backer is a VC firm that bought Facebook early and enjoyed returns of over 100 times their initial share cost.

And now, those same instincts have led that same investor to this U.S. company leading the charge for A.I.R.

Tony’s report also gives you lots of critical facts we don’t have time to cover today.

For example:

But look. Time is of the essence. With the speed that energy markets are moving today, even waiting a few days — it could make a big difference.

Which is why we want to rush this report to you right now.

All we ask in return is that you enroll in a no-risk trial to the service Tony and I edit jointly, Disruptors & Dominators.

This is our monthly service dedicated exclusively to major disruptive trends.

And this service is the ongoing project I mentioned earlier, the reason I’ve decided to join Tony Sagami as a partner, as a co-editor.

Disruptors & Dominators is all about finding companies that we think will be among the biggest disruptors of the 21st century, creating major disruptive trends.

Look. There are a lot of ways to define the word “disruption”.

Some economists base it on how many dollars of GDP it can create. Others base it on how many jobs it can create.

We accept that, but our No. 1 criteria is not about the economy. It’s about you, the investor. In our book, a major disruptive trend is when investors get the opportunity to generate sustainable, long-term gains.

Like Ryland Oil that surged 14,570% on the back of the fracking disruption.

Like Amazon disrupting the online shopping space for gains of 24,000%.

Now that’s disruption!

Or let’s take Tesla disrupting the electric vehicle industry and surging over 28,000%.

Needless to say, every opportunity for profits always comes with risk. You have to know that.

But we can say with confidence that this special report, your bonus with a trial to Disruptors & Dominators, is the only place you’ll find all the details on the number No. 1 way to tap into the best of A.I.R.

It is THE report that introduces you to the company at the epicenter of the greatest disruption set to rip through global oil markets.

But no matter how good any opportunity may be, it’s never prudent to bet your future on one company alone.

That’s why, every month Tony seeks out new disruptive opportunities he sees on the horizon.

Unlike some other analysts, he doesn’t limit himself to any one sector. Disruptions can happen in any industry.

Not just oil and energy, also but biotech. Not just technology, but also disruptive products, disruptive companies, even entire NEW disruptive industries with the potential to change the world.

Inside every issue of Disruptors & Dominators, Tony recommends the one stock he believes will give investors the best odds of capturing the kinds of gains I’ve talked about today.

And for Tony Sagami, this is nothing new. He has been calling it like he sees it for the past three decades, long before he launched Disruptors & Dominators a few years ago.

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The first extra report is “The Oil Rig Maker Primed for Explosive Growth.”

As I mentioned before, oil exploration companies are already re-entering the market.

And we predict A.I.R. will amplify that move — turning the trickle into an absolute flood.

Inside this report you’ll discover the one company we feel is in the catbird seat for that trend.

It’s based out of Texas. It’s one of the largest oil drillers in the world. And it’s the one I told you about earlier that does all of its AI business with the A.I.R. company we’re introducing you to today.

We think that unique combination alone helps make it one of the best positioned to take advantage of this next oil boom.


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The second extra bonus is Tony’s brand-new report titled, “My #1 Secret to Investing in Autonomous Vehicles.”

This company uses the same kind of AI radar technology we’ve been talking about today but applies it instead to autonomous vehicles.

And once that’s rolled out, the entire AV industry could take a major new leap forward.

We predict that small autonomous vehicle makers, who were once considered too small to make a difference, will get a shot at dethroning giants like Tesla, Uber (UBER), and other AV makers.

And this special report provides all the details on the stock Tony believes is best positioned to profit from the huge disruption that’s bound to follow.

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“Resource Millionaires.”


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You see, the same technology powering A.I.R could also soon be used to search for an entire bevy of other resources deep under the ground.

I’m talking about gold, silver, copper, you name it! And most important, one single metal that is essential for the electric vehicle revolution.

We all know it: Lithium.

Once the big gold, silver and lithium miners see the results that the oil industry is getting, we predict billions of investment dollars could come flooding into AI-based exploration for these metals.

But what few people know is that, behind the scenes, a few of these miners are already taking their first steps into this space.

They’re inking medium-sized deals with AI companies who will help pinpoint metals sources across South America, Africa and even right here in the United States.

Inside this report, you’ll get the name, ticker symbol, and buy price for the one company Tony has picked as the best positioned for this opportunity in metals mining.

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This is where the rubber meets the road.

You’ve seen the charts. You’ve seen the magnitude of the opportunity. You know what is at stake.

The last time we saw a similar setup in the energy markets, a select group of oil stocks made incredible gains.

Now, this new technology is moving forward with massive disruptive potential.

But when this story hits the front-page of The Wall Street Journal, the cat will be out of the bag. And it’s quite possible you will have missed your best chance.

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But if you’re ready to take action and get in on the ground floor of what could be the biggest oil story in a century, then we’re ready to stand with you every step of the way.

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