In this brief report you’ll discover ...

  • Why most seniors are being ripped off when they buy health insurance ...

  • How some major insurance companies are lining their pockets with YOUR retirement money, and ...

  • How one simple step today could save you and your spouse up to $9,800 PER YEAR!

Dear Reader,

We don’t sell insurance — never will and never have. Nor do we ever accept a dime from insurance companies for giving them a rating.

We issue our ratings on insurers whether they want them or not, and that’s why some folks in the industry don’t like us very much.

Our sole goal is to help you find safety — and SAVE MONEY!

So if you’re buying — or know someone who’s buying — health insurance, you absolutely must not miss this all-important information to help you and your spouse save up $9,800 every single year.

And if you’re anywhere from 64 to 100 — or have a loved one in that age bracket — you have an even better opportunity to save money.

But ...


What’s worse, you could end up without the critical health care coverage you need. And frankly the insurance companies aren’t going to help you.

Especially when they’re doing everything they can to keep their biggest Medicare profit secret hidden from you — a secret that affects every senior ... in every city ... in every state in America.

Over the next few minutes you’re going to learn the unvarnished truth about health insurance. And you’ll see exactly how insurance companies are gaming the system to take your retirement money.

But don’t worry.

We will give you an ideal solution — that will help you avoid the rip-offs, save tens of thousands of dollars and gain COMPLETE control of your health care coverage.


Everyone knows that Medicare falls woefully short of covering all your health insurance needs. Depending on your conditions, even with Medicare you could still wind up spending a fortune on doctors, hospitals and medications.

This is where the private insurance sector has stepped in — to provide policies that help bridge the huge GAP between your actual medical bills and what Medicare covers. They are called Medicare supplement insurance, or “Medigap” for short.

Now, here’s the big rip-off: Although the government mandates that all insurance companies provide standard Medigap plans, insurance companies are charging wildly different prices for exactly the same coverage for precisely the same individuals!

Some companies give you a fair price. But many charge thousands of dollars more. Just look at the disparity in premiums for the same EXACT policy for the same customer ...

  • In West Palm Beach, Florida, Company A charges a 65-year-old man $3,474 for a basic Medigap Plan. But Company B charges that same man only $1,769 for exactly the same plan, offering exactly the same benefits. In just one year, he could save $1,705 and his wife, who is also 65, could save another $1,705. Total savings after ten years: $34,100.

  • In Phoenix, Arizona, Company C charges a 65-year-old man $3,300 for a basic Medigap Plan. But Company D charges that same man only $964 for exactly the same plan. In just one year, he could save $2,336. Assuming the companies charge the same rates for his wife, the couple could see a 10-year savings of nearly $46,720!

  • And in Springfield, Illinois, Company D would charge a 65-year old man $2,638 for his basic Medigap Plan A, while Company E would charge him only $838 for exactly the same plan. That’s 315% MORE for the exact same basic Medigap coverage!

This is like going to two different Buick dealerships to purchase the same exact car. One dealer will sell you the car for $25,000 while another will sell you the same car for $78,750!

Meanwhile, the insurance companies still seem to think that, as long as they can keep you in the dark, they’ve got you right where they want you — focused on the “gap” in your health insurance and grossly overcharging you to cover that gap.

How big is the rip-off?

With over 45.7 million retirees currently on Medicare — and nearly 63 million expected by 2020 — insurance companies would make over $233 billion just by price gouging retirees.

Why is it impossible for Buick dealers to charge you hugely different prices, while the insurance companies do it all the time?

Simple: When you’re shopping for cars, you can simply compare prices — online or offline. You have total transparency. And you can confidently buy that car knowing that you’re getting a fair deal.

But unfortunately this same transparency hasn’t been available with Medicare.

When you do a Google search on phrases like “Medicare confusion,” or “Medicare help,” you end up with state-sponsored sites that have strictly generic information.

You get no usable price comparisons — let alone price comparisons that are tailored for your individual circumstances.

This is where we can help you.

We have developed a fully customized online tool that creates a comprehensive report for YOU — with a list of virtually ALL the Medigap providers and how much they will charge you for ALL the plans they offer, based on YOUR age and where YOU live.

We give you ALL the information, including hundreds of possible options. But to make sure the information isn’t overwhelming, we also narrow down all the data to three recommended providers for each plan.

These are proven companies that ...

  • Are the most financially sound of all their peers ...

  • Offer the lowest prices, AND ...

  • Have a history of the lowest premium increases over the last 5 years!

Let’s say, for example, you’re a 70-year-old male living in Lake Worth, Florida.

Your custom-built report will show you — in plain English — that for the popular Medigap “Plan F,” Company A will charge you $5,309 per year. But Company B will charge you only $2,823 — again for the same EXACT coverage.

By simply KNOWING that simple piece of information, you save $2,477 in just one year. Add that up over a 10-year period, and you save $24,770 — plus interest.

Want to add prescription drug coverage? Fine.

In this case, the policies may differ. But in our custom-built report, you will see — as clear as day — that the basic prescription drug plan from one company will cost you $972 per year. But just look at the top of the list ... and you’ll see that another company will charge you only $326 per year.

That’s an ADDITIONAL savings of $646 per year or $6,460 in ten years — just for the drug coverage ALONE! Like getting a 66% discount right off the top!

Heck. If we were talking about saving 5% or 10% on health insurance, it would still be worth looking into. But 66%!? That can make a huge difference in anyone’s retirement!

Plus, our three recommendations for each plan — designed with you in mind — will make sure the companies are not fly-by-nights and are far less likely to jack up your future rates!

Now can you see why I say many companies are ripping you off — and why you absolutely must not buy this kind of insurance without our custom price comparisons?

Or suppose you are a 65-year-old male or female ... looking to purchase Medicare supplement Plan F anywhere in the U.S. You could see pricing for this plan as high as $5,800 and as low as $900 — all for the exact same benefits and coverage.

That’s a difference of $4,900! Assuming a similar savings for your spouse, you could be looking at about $9,800 saved, or $98,000 in savings after about 10 years. And that doesn’t include any interest you earn on that money!

All of this is clearly laid out in your report, all tailored to your individual circumstances.

Plus our Medicare Power Planner does much, much more.

It walks you through everything you need to decide — and do — regarding Medigap, “Original Medicare”, “Medicare Advantage” and prescription drug coverage — all in just a few short steps.

And if you currently are on another plan and want to switch to Medigap, we show you how.

If you have not yet enrolled in Medicare, we lay out all your choices — clearly and with no axe to grind. (Remember, we do NOT sell insurance!)

We guide you through a series of simple questions that help you determine the best possible plan for the coverage you need ... at the lowest possible price.

We explain in plain English who qualifies for Medicare, what types of plans there are, and how you can fit them together to get the comprehensive coverage you need.

We’ll help you quickly determine if you are best suited for Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage.

And you’ll also be able to decide if you’ll need a Medigap policy or a prescription drug plan to cover any shortfall.

You cannot get a custom-tailored report like this anywhere else.

You’ll have ...

  • Complete transparency! You’ll get a list of nearly all the insurers offering Medigap policies in your area and what they will charge you based on your age, gender and zip code for each and every one of the 10 Medigap plans ...

  • Absolute anonymity! Because we have no connections to any of the issuing insurance companies, you can rest assured that no insurance agents will call you ...

  • And utter simplicity! There’s no fancy sales talk ... or confusing terminology to wade through. Everything is displayed in your custom-built report — so you’ll never be left wondering what something means or whether there’s a better deal out there!

We can’t emphasize enough the value of having this information at your fingertips to find the best plan for your retirement years.

You will have the actual, current price quotes that are being offered to you personally, based on your age, gender and zip code.

Plus, our Medicare Power Planner answers the big questions you may have like ...

  • What does Medicare cover?
  • What are the gaps in Medicare coverage?
  • What are my choices in supplemental coverage?
  • What plan do I need?
  • And how much does it cost?

More importantly, you will also know the Weiss Financial Strength Rating for every company ... so you can focus not just on the price of the coverage but ALSO the safety of the issuing company!

In total, you will get a 200-page report created exclusively for you, based on your personal circumstances! Feel free to save it on your computer, print out everything or just the sections that are the most important to you.

And I repeat:

The Medicare Power Planner can literally
save you thousands of dollars per year!

With the Medicare Power Planner you’ll be able to see right through insurance company’s confusing “pricing plans” ... so you can find the cheapest options for you.

When you consider how much time and money you will save, we’re sure you’ll agree that it could cost $500 and still be a great bargain ...

Especially since there is absolutely NO OTHER comprehensive, unbiased custom-built report anywhere!

But my goal is to help you SAVE as much money as possible — not only on the insurance but also on the information itself.

That’s why I want to give you a special gift — your own PERSONALIZED Medigap solution for just $99.

If it saves you just $1,000 in premiums in 2013, this custom solution will pay for itself more than 10 times over in just the first year ...

If you continue reaping those savings for another four years, the Medicare Power Planner will pay for itself 50 times over ...

And if you just save $1,000 each year in the next decade, you will have recouped the cost of your custom report a staggering 100 times over!

So don’t go it alone on one of the most important decisions of your life.

Get your Medicare Power Planner. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars each year — and many thousands of dollars over time.

All you have to do is enter three simple facts to get started — your age, your gender and your zip code — and you’ll be on your way to saving thousands of dollars and finding your personal solution instantly.

Years ago, this type of custom work would have taken weeks and cost thousands of dollars. But thanks to our team of analysts and programmers, you can have now have everything you need instantly — and all for just $99.

Just click here and you’ll be on your way!

Good luck and God bless!


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